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Head Monster IM78 or Atomic Nomad Highnoon?

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hello all: first post so please Bear with me.

I'm 40, 6'0" / 168 lb, solid intermediate (Level 7) looking to break into Advanced category. Live and ski mostly in the East, but would like to venture West/Pacific (Whistler!) once every few years. Currently prefer shorter turns on groomed, but would like to expand to off-piste, and into occasional trees and bumps.

Been skiing on long, long Dynastar ATVs for the past 10 years, so anything new would be an improvement.

Looking for one ski to do it all; narrowed my choice down to Head Monster IM78 and Atomic Nomad Highnoon. I demo'ed Highnoon and liked it for lightness and grip, but never tried the Monsters.

What's your opinion? Would Monster IM78 be a better choice?
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And how come I cannot edit my own post? There is no Edit button.

To add some more info, I am looking at both in 171 cm length. My Dynastars are 190. I can handle a bumpy run on them with some effort, but it's not good for da knees.
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Welcome to epic!

The Edit function has a time limit .

These are great skis. I would upgrade from the Highnoon to the Blackeye. The Head and Atomic both offer great performance and versatility. The Atomic has a crisp and lively feel, while the Head is more damp, IMO. Hard to go wrong with either.

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Cost is a factor. Based on what I read, I realize Monsters are more high-end than Highnoons, but I can get either at about the same price because of store credit. Blackeye are sadly above my budget.

Based on all the info in the forums - extremely helpfull! - I will probably go with Monsters. It's too bad I won't get a chance to demo them before I buy, but the store offers credit if you bring them back after one season.
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Welcome to the forum!

You’ll experience much more horsepower and versatility with the 78 monster than the Nomad Highnoon. Like WILDCAT alludes, a better comparison of ski characteristics and all mountain performance would be found with the Atomic Nomad Blackeye. It’s unfortunate you can’t ski it and feel that jump in rpm. However, if a store cred gets you the 78 at a Highnoon number and you’re working to really up your game, go monster. The monster gives you a much shorter radius than Nomad and skis longer than published length. I’ve found the Monster 78 one of the best all round, versatile and fun skis I have ever been on. Good luck...
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