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What is Synergy?

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I was doing a bit of exploring today and found that Bud Heishman has been busy with a new website featuring the joining of coaching and bootfitting. The Snowind web site has an FAQ page that suggests Bud and Starthaus (Jim Shaffner) are joining forces.

Bud, care to shed some light on this? It looks like we are truly blessed with a unique combination of bootfitting and a coach that can evaluate fit on the hill and work on coaching.

For readers of the boot guys forum, the Bootfitting page features some very good animations that show you what some of the terms here mean, like ramp, forward lean, delta, mounting position, boot board, cuff adjustment, sole adjustment, boot offset and cuff access. These are worth viewing if there is any confusion on these terms and how they might apply.

Anyway, I know a lot of work went into this project and congratulations to Bud for the new launch. Bud did my boot balancing and alignment work and we skied at the Aspen EpicSki Academy last season; and it makes an amazing difference. Bud, what are the plans for this year ESA 2009 at Big Sky?
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Well done Bud .
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Hey guys, After 15 years of not doing anything to update my website, I finally decided to step up and highlight the new direction I am taking.

This season I have committed to getting on snow more frequently and focusing on what I love to do, help people ski better. What better way than to combine my two areas of competency, teaching and boot balancing by resurrecting my Synergy concept in cooperation with Northstar ski school and some area shops.

Jim Schaffner, a long time friend and co-worker from my tenure at Salomon NA., and owner of Starthaus in Truckee, who shares my vision about boot fitting and alignment, and located just minutes from Northstar, has offered me use of his shop and talents to make the Synergy program viable. Together we will be able to promote a more complete boot fitting and alignment solution for customers, allowing on hill evaluation of fit and alignment as well as follow up coaching or prefitting/alignment evaluation on hill, followed by in shop modifications in the evening.

There may also be another familiar name in the mix working with us in the shop and on hill, but I will leave that to him to announce.

As for Big Sky, I don't know what the plans are yet, other than I hope I am invited to participate! There has been talk about a group of Epic's core boot fitter specialists meeting there and setting an agenda of experiments and round table presentations but nothing has been finalized yet.

Please visit the site and let me know if there is anything you guys think could be done better or more clearly. You can contact me directly through the site with any questions!

thanks jdistefa! coming from you that means alot
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Wow, that's great news. So Snowind, working with the inventory of Start Haus and the bringing together equipment expertise, bootfitting expertise and on-hill evaluation and coaching, Tahoe has become a real destination for boots equipment, fitting and coaching. I know of the other familiar name, and this is seriously becoming a project to be excited about. This is an awesome quality of talent and resources in one stop and it sounds like its getting better.

Start Haus has always been known for its support of ski racing programs. Does this represent growth into the recreational and freeskiing markets for them as well?
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good going guys

if i was to say anything about the vids on the site they don't seem to fit well on my screen, i have to scroll down to get the whole picture and by that point the animation has finished and you have to start it again....prehaps either a longer loop or a start button so the user can control when they watch

other than that it looks great

BTW there is a client i spoke to at the wekend at the ski show over here going to call one of you after the new year they have a place in Tahoe and need some boot work doing
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Thanks Colin, I have passed that problem onto my web designer!

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This is great Bud, Sign me up!!!
I started a thread in the community to seize an opportunity to get some reaction from those who may benefit from this synergy as well as the video demos of the 9 alignment parameters. Very enlightening.
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