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Marmot trivia: Whistler actually got its name from the whistling of the Marmots!
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Hey, nothing against woodland creatures, and if you think of it, the musk-ox and the horney-toad arent really woodland creatures!

baby marmots must be adorable. Id love to see some sometimes...we dont have any up here in new england, do we?
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Todd and others - a lil more airplane trivia - Whats the fastest Fighter Jet in service (any country)??? (should be easy enough)
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No Marmots in New England - too warm for them, they like elevations where there are freezes even in the summer, I've only seen them up around 10,000ft. They are *very* cute, their little whistles are too.

I think the Foxbat (Mig-25) remains the fastest fighter ever built doesn't it?
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Lets see,
the SR71 is the fastest aircraft but it's technically retired (not in service) and I don't think it's really a fighter aircraft.

I think the F22 is still a "concept craft" so that leaves F18 or a mig?
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Matteo, just looked at your photo, nice!
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Yo Rob,

Remember the Super Bowl when the Broncos waxed the Packers?
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I'm disgusted with the rating I've received.

It's a conspiracy headed up by Barnes and his cronies -- I know it.
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Did you get a free bowl of soup with those pants?
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Where am I...... :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mike B:
Todd and others - a lil more airplane trivia - Whats the fastest Fighter Jet in service (any country)??? (should be easy enough)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It used to be the MiG 25 Foxbat. I'm not sure if it still is, but the MiG 31 Foxhound and 25 can both do 3000 km/hr (= 1864.20000 mi/hr) which is just about Mach 3. I thought there was a MiG 28 which could do mach 3.2, but I must be wrong cause I couldn't find any info on it anywhere.

So what is the answer? I am a diehard military aircraft buff.

The F-111 comments were cool. I think it was the first plane with forward-looking radar that would allow it to keep a certain distance above all terain features as it flew. It did have a different strike method for delivering tactical nuclear weapons. It was supposed to fly low, accelerate to high speed, pull up, roll on it's back and release the bomb in an upward trajectory "lobbing" the bomb to the target from miles away. Then it could loop back (almost like a reverse Immelman) and fly back the other way well before the detonation.

As a kid I was at an airshow at Nellis AFB. A 111 did a high speed fly-by less than 100 feet off the tarmac. It pulled up into a vertical climb and disppeared into the heavens. All we heard was the plane hiss by... it had already climbed completely out of sight by the time the thunder began to roll.

It started so quietly, a low rumble, then began to build quickly until all at once the crowd was decimated under the cataclysmic, bone-crushing tidal wave roar as it broke upon us. I remember hearing sonic-booms a lot as a kid, before they made it illegal to do within certain distances of population. I miss them.
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: Pink? :
must be a European thing...
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Packers? Broncos? Superbowl? I must have missed that one.

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Todd and Roto got it - MiG 25 Foxbat and MiG 31 Foxhound - they both do Mach 2.8 - but the Foxbat stripped down can also do 3.2 (but then it's considered recon). (Fastest U.S. jet is the F-15 - but it only does 2.5 - SR-71 is the fastest jet overall at 3.2 - just a few knots faster than the MiG 25 - but its not a fighter)
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The F-104 star fighter was by far the coolest and most difficult to fly, fighter interceptor.
Roto, the maneuver you discussed is called a Hemelman(sp?).
I think it was last year a Canadian won the top gun trophy, or so the rumour goes....
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Well, it was a good run while it lasted.

For the record, I was a 5 star member for as long as I was ranked. I rest, knowing I can accomplish some things in life (even if it requires me to abandon all dignity).

Thanks for the votes.

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Well Rob you really went and done it now. You just couldn't leave it alone. I bet LindaA is just fit to be tied. : No stars at all now. I did some research on you and found your high school picture. Don't make me post it! : I would like to see your photo on the personal profile soon.
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Wow - all this talk of military jets has me chomping at the bit to jump in.

Yep - The F111 is a cool plane! So was the F4 Phantom. I believe my favorite is still the A-10 Warthog. Any plane built around a gattling gun that fires milk bottle sized depleted uranium tipped shells is cool with me.

dchan - I believe that there are still 4 SR-71s in use (albeit unofficially). I also believe the F22 has moved past the concept stage and some have actually been deployed (not 100% sure though).

Anybody ever heard of project Aurora? Hypersonic flight (Mach 6+). Here's a pretty cool link to a site with info on it: null
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The last word I heard on SR71 is the aircraft has been retired but they bring it out from time to time to blow away any new speed record and then put it back in the hanger. It's an Awesome sight to see one making vapor trails as it rises over the ridge of Tahoe with the lake underneath and the desert as a background.
I don't know the official status of the f22 either. The last time I looked into it Congress was trying to get more funding to continue research. I never was able to land one in the flight sim. I couldn't find the balance of air speed, (slow)flaps, descend rate. to set it down. I always stalled the Damn thing.
then again I think I've only gotten the f14 on the carrier 2 x [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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The military keeps a few SR71's on ice for use as needed, but of course satellites have made them largely unneeded unless you want spot an enemy that may be sharp enough to know your satellite fly-over times and hide for those times.

NASA still has a couple of SR71's for their research.

The hypersonic ramjet technology has probably already blown those records away but is still classified. All the speed records are sort of dubious anyways since space travel has long ago blown all those records.
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dchan - Does the flight sim for the F22 allow thrust vectoring? Is it that complicated/realistic. I have Falcon 4.0, and fly it as an ace (no computer safeguards). I do ok, but generally don't last for very many campaigns. I always seem to get taken out by friggin MIG19's. I can't explain it other than they are VERY maneuverable.

Todd - Good point. I guess everything is relative. It's hard to compete with a vehicle moving in zero gravity/zero resistance/zero friction.

It is cool to read about vehicles with pulsed detonation engines or wave riders. Scientists say that "in atmosphere" Mach 10 is achievable. Imagine going from L.A. to D.C. in like 15 minutes. I guess that would make it easier for me to head West for skiing, huh?!?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JoCanadian:
[QB]The F-104 star fighter was by far the coolest and most difficult to fly, fighter interceptor.
Roto, the maneuver you discussed is called a Hemelman(sp?).

The F 104 was also capable of flyiong into the stratosphere and held altitude records for awhile.(thus the Starfighter name)

The Immelman is move named for a German pilot in WWI. I wish I could draw it. It is a climbing-half-loop with a roll at the top so the pilot comes out flying the opposite direction. (I deally on an opponents's tail)

I pictured the F-111 move as a sort of opposite to this, although it is a bit more involved --- A climb, roll inverted on the way up, release payload during upward trajectory, then pull back and loop out, end up flying in opposite direction. Is this move actually named?

My dad flew F-4s. He has some great slides. F-100s, F-4s, refueling ops, B-52s, F-105s all in flight. He has some amazing strike slides shot right through the sight while flying into targets. I have no idea what he was thinking taking pictures at the time...
He also has slides of his 'final mission' return party. Those boys know how to throw down.
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I think the if22 sim and the Janes sim did allow for thrust vectoring. I'll have to check.. They were pretty complicated. There was even a patch released after the actual software to correct some thrust numbers. I flew the falcon 4.0 a few times and it's very "simple" compared to the janes sims. You almost have to have all the joysticks specially programmed and rudder to really take full advantage of the Sims. I don't remember, does Falcon allow for blackouts/ airsickness and that sort of stuff?

When you fly the F14 with safety off and don't keep it fairly smooth, you can get the rio to throw up..
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Really cool stuff about Aurora
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From SR-71 to the Warthog, that just about hits the extremes of the inventory. The
Mig-25 is the fastest fighter currently in service, in fact the Soviets made attemps a couple of times to shoot down the SR-71 with them, fortunately they had to fly such a rigid profile to attain the speed neccessary the SR was always able to evade. Unfortunately the USAF has no SR-71s in service. Clinton line-item vetoed the funding for the last 2 a couple of years ago, but NASA maintains one or two for research purposes (testing the Linear Areospike engines for example) I believe they do have some in longterm storage in case they are needed, but the sensor suites aren't as cutting edge as they used to be.

The F-22 is still officially in flight test, but it is getting closer to becoming operational. Here is a link to a recent article about some of the test milestones Air Force Homepage.
There is also a lot of construction at Nellis with the F-22 name attached to it. If I remember right they anticipate the first squadron being operational in 2004, but that is probably a moving target.

Just for Gee-Wiz info, I got a look at Boeings traveling Joint Strike Fighter JSF Cockpit/Avionics simulator, and it is cosmic.

Just to keep things interesting, does anyone know what the primary mission of the Block 50 F-16CJ is? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I know they added air defenses suppression to the Block 50CJ/DJ, and I think it can still perform the all the other mission profiles still too.

Its got the kind of HARM capabilities that now surpass what the Wild Weasel could ever do.

I'm interested in the new Block 55 Glass Falcons, sounds like a nice step up.
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maybe we should move this conversation to the "international affairs" forum?
It's real interesting but not much about skiing. Some one make a tie in....
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>>It's real interesting but not much about skiing. Some one make a tie in.... <<

Ok, when I'm skiing its like flying along the ground. Sort of like a ground effect based fighter.
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For a bunch of "doves"...... why all this interest in combat aircraft?

A discussion on the merits of the 63 versus the 67 VW Microbus perhaps?

Now I'm very confused (not a necessarily hard thing to do)!!! :
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The SR 71 does much better at speed and altitude than has ever been published. The foxbat could never touch it.
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