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A Plea To Members & Aircraft / Fighterplane Discussion

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I know I only have a relatively small number of posts here and I am only a skier of moderate ability. But last week I finally achieved the status of "Supreme Big Mountain Member." It was a good day. I felt in some small way on the same level as the Bobs,Todds, and Dchans of the world.

Imagine my shock when I logged on today. Right back where I started again.

So out of self pity or some other missed placed emotion, I hereby request all barking bears with those high ratings to see if you can find in your hearts some room to make me a 5 star member. Truth told, I would take a 4 star rating in a heartbeat.

Let me list some potential reasons for your vote:

First, I am not now, nor have I ever been SCSA. I feel this is my best argument.

Second,I'm from Milwaukee and the Packers beat Washington on MNF. I know this has nothing to do with skiing, but I figure there are a lot of you who love beer and hate that Daniel Schneider guy.

Third, I have a disasterous dating life. Bob Dylon once wrote "it takes a lot to laugh; it takes a train to cry." My romantic life resembles an Amtrak derailing. Do the math.

Fourth, I am a risk taker. By making this rather conceited, immature plea, I risk offending all of you and getting such a low rating that I may never recover.

So, in conclusion, vote once, vote often.

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actually Rob
Don't feel too bad. Some of us that were "supreme" level members are also at the double diamond level now too. I really stopped looking at that rating except for the black diamonds which usually meant a new member. A reason to respond to someone if for no other reason but to welcome new members. Now I can see that on the bottom line.

I'm always learning from all the great posters here and I don't think I can be grouped with the Bob's and Todd's except that I have access to fast internet connections and tend to pop in a lot.

Take care..
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New levels:
<50 = Diamond Member
>50 = Double Diamond Member
(Maybe it was a bad idea to use what was the lowest level for what is now the highest, but I have disliked the "Big Mt" titles for a long time.

I'm open to new suggestions on these (they can be changed at any time)

Sorry Rob!
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...and another thing...no campaigning -- that's cheating! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yo Rob,
You forgot to mention you are a :
Just yanking your chain. Anytime your in Central Oregon(Mt.Bachelor)your welcome to ski/stay with us.
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Awwww AC,

I kinda liked being a "supreme big mountain" member. It sounded like I was POWERFUL!!

or an exotic dancer....

How about just putting the total posts with all the other displayed info?
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Heh! Very funny Rob, thanks for the humor. Today I had planned on mountain biking all day but its raining Aardvarks & Musk-Oxen outside instead! So a laugh was needed.

~Todd M.
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aardvarks and musk oxen?
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Thanks for the votes so far.

Slider, you have correctly identified my profession. In my defense, I can assure you that I'm not that good at it at all and on any given day I would rather be hucking some poor slope instead of ... ahem... some poor folk.

At this point I think we should heed AC's wise words and stop the voting (while I'm still ahead).

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I read your post and was overcome with emotion. You are clearly one of lifes victims, and even though we are thousands of miles apart I knew I could press that button and help a friend in true need.

But that was until I realised you were a "Laywer" - get stuffed.

Kindest Regards


(It was that cold here last winter that some laywers even had their hands in their own pockets.)
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Hey, Linda A. About musk oxen. Just saw on Discovery channel--re Scents. Musk oxen have perenomes--used for mating, at their butt end and the odor is so bad that it also discourages predators. Don`t know anything about Aardvarks.
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Anybody else here into planes? Quick - without looking it up on the internet, what was the primary mission of the now venerable plane nicknamed the "Aardvark"?

Well, anyways, its not raining that hard anymore, its raining more like Hedgehogs and Horny-Toads right now.
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Larry C-

is that so? did we REALLY need to know that? : Ill be sure that Im always at the right end of a musk ox, if I ever get that close to one!

Todd -
thats what I like about your posts, always so unique, but whats the matter with plain old cats and dogs? is it the writer in you that refuses cliches? and what the heck is a horney-toad???
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"Great Horny Toads".. Yosemite Sam?

They are a lizard that lives on the desert. little brown lizard usually around 4-6" with horns all over the place.
not sure where the "toad" tag came from. Maybe Yosemite Sam?
http://encarta.msn.com/index/conciseindex/2E/MediaMax.asp?pg=3&ti=761563291&idx=46151 6770
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Yep - can't stand cliches, and I still spout them like all of us, having been well programmed by TV as a child. But I've given up TV and now try to always do plays on cliches rather than the cliches themselves.

Now its only lightly sprinkling baby sloths & "whistle-pigs" (anybody recognize what small furry animal used to be called a "whistle-pig" by miners?)
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Horney toads...they're so CUTE [img]smile.gif[/img] I love lizards. ( I have an iguana. )

waiting with baited breat to find out what a whistle-pig is....

Thanks to whoever rated me!! Ive been rated!! Im cool... :
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Whistle pig = W-C?
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Hey you got it Linda - a Marmot! At the mountain I used to direct at there was a huge marmot population. In the late summer when you hike up at the area once you get up just below treeline at about 11,000-11,500ft you can hear them whistling warnings to each other all around you in the rocks. And you'll see them sunning themselves and running around. The babies are incredibly cute.

Whats really amazing is that the rocks they live around are covered under up to 20ft of packed snow from October-June, but they seem to thrive in the environment.

The miners called got the "whistle" part from the sound they make, and the "pig" part because apparently they taste somewhat like pork (yuck!).
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Rob, laywer or not
said, done...
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Todd, I did search internet, but just to find the correct picture...I've removed it because is too big, goto f-111.net/F111LadyLiberty.jpg
Primary mission was totally different than
the one thought for the B-52s depicted above.
'nuff said.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Todd Murchison:
Quick - without looking it up on the internet, what was the primary mission of the now venerable plane nicknamed the "Aardvark"? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's the F-111 I believe. Primary mission is arguable. Think it started life with hopes of being a fighter but ended up a bomber. rick p
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Yep, the F-111 Aardvark was supposed to be a fighter/bomber but was pretty unweildly to really be effective as a fighter. But as a bomber it was good, and also it was an excellent platform for radar surveillance/jamming & suppression.

Talking about planes got me to pull out my sim hardware/software again.

First I did the unthinkable, but I had to know how difficult it was. I loaded up a 767, took off from Boston and ran one of the approaches that happened in the disaster. I ran it on full realism, and as I expected its not difficult to hit the target.

It kind of made my stomach feel sick though - so now I'm going to purge myself by loading up Falcon 4.0 and Janes F-15 and running some attack runs in the mountains of Afghanistan!
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F-111 mission was "strike", not plain
Its mission has been taken over by the F-15E Strike Eagle.
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When thay say "strike" they meant nuclear stike, as in low level high speed deep penetration (so to speak) strike.

Where the F-111 is really missed is the Electronic Warfare mission (where it was know as the Raven not Aardvark) which the Navy EA-6 Prowlers took over. It still takes more prowlers to do a less efective job at a much slower speed.

'Bout all I know off the top of my head, other that it was a fast jet able to fly Mach 2+.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Matteo:
F-111 mission was "strike", not plain

Well spank me with a porcipine!

Anyways, everybody remember what a fuss there was over the entire "swing-wing" technology that it uses? It was a pretty heated debate.
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todd said:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Well spank me with a porcipine!


whats with the little woodland creatures today?
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Ah its a passing phase . . . . . . there we go - its passed.

And the porcipine comment seemed more polite than using Steve Martins "Well excuuuuussssseeee ME!"

Oops, I guess I just used it anyways!
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