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keystone KAT skiing

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Looking to do some KAT skiing in Keystone this march and would like some insight if anybody as skied in independence bowl.
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You actually get two choices on top of the standard lift ticket:

$5 shuttle off of the Outback lift to the top of North and South Bowls (or you could hike for about 10 minutes to get 70% of the goods).

full Cat skiing off of independence and 1 other bowl. I think the slopes are about 25 degrees nothing too steep. You keep lapping and I believe it is 1/2 a day. I would say that conditions are going to vary significantly. If you are familiar with Keystone Resort, you then are already aware of snow conditions, if not, don't expect Utah or Tahoe-like deep powder.

IF you need a vacation condo for your group, you can check out the link below.

Have fun.
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If you haven't already check out http://keystone.snow.com/info/mtninfo.catski.asp for your Keystone cat skiing . there is also very accessible hiking for some great power shot in the same area. Just something to think about if your looking to save money.

Cheers Matt
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