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Kastle KTI Plate

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Does anyone have any thoughts ont he Kastle KTI plate?
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I guess my question is;

How does this compare to other paltes?
Is this a gimmick or are there thoughts on functionality.
Is this a Marker product or a Kastle product.

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Is this the plate on the RX? If so, I'm gonna say Kastle product as I haven't seen it on any other ski. I like that you can move both the heel and the toe.
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how KTI works

The Kästle binding/plate system has two functions.

First KTI (for Kästle Total Integration) is a concept of a stiff plate with bearings/pivotal connection to the ski. The goal is to allow for a true, harmonic flex pattern of the ski. The ski can fully flex under the plate. The plate itself carries the binding, and takes up any load or horizontal pressure that emerges from the binding pressure. See the illustration on the Kästle website here http://www.kaestle-ski.com/KAESTLE-T...tion.47.1.html

Second is what is called KMA (for Kästle Micro Adjustment). Heel and Toe can be independently adjusted in 0,8mm steps (two worm screws). It allows for full adjustment on the whole norm sole lenght zone (260 - 360mm sole lengths). Also, it allows for out of center adjustments if the user wants so.

The K12 and K14 bindings (DIN 3-12 and DIN 5-14) are based on Markers Worldcup Model and have specifically Kästle developped housings that are integrated in the plate. Compared to standard bindings, the bindings are torsionally much more direct / stiff.

A major safety advantage out of the package KTI plus K12/K14 bindings is that at every point of your day on the mountain, forward pressure on the binding is equal, since the KTI system compensates for the ski flex, and not the heel, as on standard bindings.
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Hi Johny,
Thanks for your take.
I hadn't even considered the forward pressure benefits.
I am thinking of putting these on MX 78's.
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