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I'm going to attend a couple of ski swaps in the next few weeks, and wanted to know what to look for.

I have a pair of Atomic Metrons that I have found to be pretty good skis in everything but powder. Before the Metrons I had some Stoklis that I just loved, but were a bit short for me. I am an advanced skiier, and I prefer trees, chutes, moguls and steeps. I don't care for crusing at high speeds much anymore. (I'm 47).

I am looking for two types of skis (1) a ski for just big powder days. That doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I don't want my skis to disappoint me. This ski would be in my quiver just for those days. (2) an all-mountain ski, but one that shines on moguls, both icy and with slight powder, and one that handles going off-run into the trees and into chutes with ease.

What should I look for at the ski swaps, and at what cost?