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Anybody ridden Taos yet?

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Well, they opened for a bit last season for riders, does anyone have a 'riding report' on Taos?
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Well we did have this earlier thread, but no official trip reports from riders yet. The current web cam pics look like it will be a little while longer before they are ready for riding this season.
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The annual AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) Rider Rally will be held at Taos at the end of this season. I'm sure we''ll have a report berfore then, but it will be interesting to get feedback from some of the top snowboard pros in the country.
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I spent a week there about three years ago and was relegated to skis. It's a terrific mountain but I couldn't help thinking how much nicer it would have been on my board.

Not sure when, if ever, I can make it back out there but I'm definitely taking one of my boards.
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I was there opening day last march
but i decided not to board that day

going back this week with the board
there are some really good runs i want to hit
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