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Too much base bevel (?) , what to do?

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for whatever reason, i got out my tools yesterday and decided to set the base bevel on my new salomon xwing 8 skis. they came with hardly any bevel to tell of. probably none.

due to some miscalculation i ended up with some excessive bevel. base isn't perfectly flat, so depending how i mesasure, bevel seems to be in the 1.3-1.6 deg. range. it might be a tad more in places but let's hope it't not.

1) what effect will this rather high bevel have?
2) ride the ski first and see then, or should i get a base grind to re-set base bevel?
3) or just forget about it and ski?

thanks for your input.
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Stone grinding is probably the only[easy] way to fix things up, but maybe you should try them first. If they are real surfy feeling you'll need less bevel. Sounds like you might have over done it, but if the bevel tools aren't 100% accurate who's to say the tools to check them are either.
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i did it more or less free hands with some tape around the file and so on...

later "measured" the result with credit cards and some trigonometric calculations. cc's are the closest thing to a true bar i have at my place right now. what i can relatively safely say is that bevel is fairly even along the skis, and very likely in the 1.5 region.
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If your base bevel is that much you should probably get it taken care of. Ideally .5 degree - 1 degree is as much as you should have. It will take excessive angulation to get to the edge.

The only way to fix it is to have them stone ground, or to sand them down yourself (which isn't recommended from what I know.)

Then again, make sure you find a really good technician to stonegrind them because many shops will totally mess up your base bevel, in some cases creating even more then 2 degrees.
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i just ordered a 1deg file guide. i think i will ski them on the first day of the next trip and get an overnight stione grind then, insisting on a mere flat base grind, and set the bevel myself with the file guide.
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i just realized credit cards are not 1mm but 0.76mm thick. that means my "problem" is a little less big.
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For one Guerrilla DIY over base bevel 'remedy' approach, check out this thread.

In case you are not aware, here are the ratios of thickness to bevel angles:

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yeah, i just found these pics through search. nice work. basically i did the same with some minor trigonometric calculation. seems more like a 1.3 bevel i got. probably less to worry about than i initially thought?
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If it was me, I'd ski 'em and see if I could tell anything and give myself a benchmark. Then reduce if it seemed substantial and then go ski again gauge the difference for future reference. YMMV. Good to know about CC thickness.
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the base filge guide came today. its plactic, but at least from holmenkol. tested it an found no significant indication of having significantly overdone base bevel. file would still grip the metal and with very similar if not identical angle. i will now firmly belive this new test result. end of story.

i took the chance an did a nice 88deg. angle on the sides, diamond finished everything and waxed the boards. let it snow.
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