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Your quiver-Justify it

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List your quiver and explain how and why you set it up. How do the skis complement or overlap each other.
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Me- eastcoast guy

RX8's for everyday use, AMC 79's for anything else, Chubbs for those super rare days I hit it on the head and score a powder day.
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170 SL, 193 GS, 178 MIdFat, 183 Fat-not ideal, would like a bit bigger, but HECKUVA deal, 186 All Mountain, 179 WC Twin Bumps, 177 Old Skool Bumps. If I lived west I'd probably have some more deep show boards. I'll probably add a NASTER/GS cheater.. something around 185 r15, next season. I use them all. I take two or more pair every time I go skiing and usually change at lunch time and maybe again in the mid afternoon.

I also have a few pair of retro boards (20> years old), no need to justify that IMO.
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Last Year -

Volkl 6 Star
Atomic M:EX
Dynastar Troublemaker
K2 Apache Chief

This year's is more realistic and appropriate for EC with a couple trips out West. No overlap. Didn't really need the twins. To me an EC mid fat should be mid to high 70's waist unless you have a one ski quiver, then mid/high 80's would be best. -

Volkl 6 Star
Fischer RX Cool Heat
K2 Apache Chief
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Blizzard GS Magnesium (182) - probably the skis I use most.... Uses: GS racing, hardpack freeskiing both here and in the west. (rarely in the west, though... it would have to be new snow free for a week or more)

Blizzard SL Magnesium (165) - SL racing and training only, for the most part. I'll also free ski on them if I find myself at a very small hill (If I have a work trip to Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, etc... I'll go night skiing rather than sit in a hotel bar and drink)

Blizzard Titan Argos (187) - 101 underfoot. I use these a lot. Nearly 100% of the time if I'm on a trip out west, and anytime we have new snow or soft conditions here. Even if we don't, I usually take them out for at least a few runs a day.

Volkl Explosive Wizards (180) - These are my "backcountry" skis for Michigan. I take these in the woods and various places where I would worry about wrecking my Argos. I guess these would be my rock skis. They are also my Mount Bohemia skis if the snow is sketchy.

Dynastar World Cup SG (204) - I use these a surprising amount too... Obviously for races, but I'll take them out for a few runs in the morning fairly often.
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Volkl Grizzlies. These are my all mountain do it all ski. They are the ones that I can't live without. They replaced my Mantras.

Volkl Racetiger GS. Beer league and bombing down icy runs and groomers

Volkl Racetiger SL. Beer league and tight turns at the local hill.

K2 Misdemeanors. I bought them for my girlfriend (hence the girls skis) to try to get her into skiing. Never used.

Burton Snowboard
F2 Race Board
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Wow, that protective gear in the signature above definitely costs more than my full quiver, which is:

-Dynastar GS race skis in a 170. Shop gave me these free last year when I was desperate for something to use on rocks. They look like they might have one tune left in them. I'll only use these if conditions are really bad at the opening. Otherwise, you can find them by my dumpster out front.
-Atomic Sweet Daddy 172. This ski is kind of a tweener at 80 cm underfoot. I've had these on and off the sale block a couple of times, depending on economic need, but they're still fun in medium powder or bumps. Nice orange color. Freshly tuned, BTW, if someone wants to buy.
-Rossignol B2 170. Now mounted for touring. Don't care what anyone says. I really liked these skis in the day. Very snappy.
-Elan World Cup S slalom from a couple years back, unused, 200 euros with bindings. Hard snow/rocks board for the season. Hope they hold on ice somewhere near what my Fischer SCs or Nordica Dobermans did (the Nords were anyway pretty dead when I got them).
-Pocket Rocket 175. To date only used in Canada. Should get a lot more use once I finish off the...
-Blossom Deer and Sunset 176, at 88 underfoot. Used these a lot last year, really fun twin tip. They're now a rock away from being unsalvageable.
-Gotamas, nice and short like I like 'em, set for this year's Canada trip. Bought 'em, so I have to go, right?
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Phil your beginning to sound like my wife.
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East Coast Quiver -

Dynastar Contact 10's -for typical least coast conditions
Dynastar 8000's - gor good least coast conditions
Dynastar Mythic Riders - for least coast pow (both days)
Dynastar Skicross 10's - rock skis

Kids Skis -

Dynastar 8000's - 158's w/demo bindings so they can swap off
Dynastar Contact 10's - for that lovely boilerplate
Dynastar 8800's - too good a deal to pass up.

Whistler Quiver -

Dynastar 8000's - when it hasn't snowed for a while. Gawd I love the 8k.
Dynastar Mythic Riders - for normal WB conditions of Pacific Rain Forest powder
Dynastar LP's - Going after the goods.

Got rid of the K2's over the past season, or else there'd be another catagory.
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and mine....

i now have one pair of skis...

09 K2 Xplorer. Will be ideal as a one ski quiver for blasting Scotland's icey wastelands! and europes cultured venues if i'm lucky enough to get there this season.
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I don't justfy my quiver to my husband and you think I'm going to justify it to you

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All my skiing is in the Rockies and all my skis were bought a year or more after they were introduced.
Dynastar 4800 Everyday
Head 1100 Chip if there has been some freeze-thaw
Salomon Custom for significant fresh snow
Nothing really special purpose, the Heads can handle light powder and crud and the Solies are fun on the groomers.
It's all good!
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Right now I have

Rossignol Radical RX World Cup in a 167 (I know its way short but they were $99 brand new) that are great on ice and actually good all over the local mole hill.

Fischer Watea 84's (176) which will become my every day ski this winter.

Soon to be delivered 2009 Volkl Gotamas (183) and I am not quite sure what I am going to use them for because I haven't skied on anything like them yet.
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Oh and I almost forgot, maybe adding a set of rae stock Salomon Equipe 10 3V's soon that are brand new and offered to me for the low low price of $100. I can't pass up a bargin.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
List your quiver and explain how and why you set it up. How do the skis complement or overlap each other.
And you?
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Core Quiver:

178cm Dynastar Mythic Riders with Rossi Axial Pro 120 bindings - My everyday ski
176cm Salomon Dumont Twintips with Rossi Axial Pro 140 bindings - My packed snow/mogul ski
170cm Dynastar SkiCross 10 with Look Pivot 12 bindings - My hard snow skis
187cm Bluehouse Districts with Rossi Axial 110s - Deep powder skis


175cm Volkl Superspeeds with Marker Piston bindings - High speed toys
174cm Salomon Scarlets (AKA Guns) with Salomon 912 Tis - Crud mogul toys
185cm Nordica Blowers with Look PX 12s - Megadeep powder toys

I easily justify my quiver by remembering other skiers spend more each year just on travel to be able to ski terrain and snow I ski all the time. I could easily survive without the Scarlets, Blowers or Superspeeds but I got such great deals on them I couldn't pass them up.
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New for this season:

Völkl Tigershark 10 foot
175cm (no switch) - for everyday frontside groomer carving. Great groomer carver, but still adequate in softer stuff.

Völkl Mantra 177cm for powder, crud, and western trips. A wide soft snow ski that still carves the groomed as long as it's not excessively firm. It probably won't see much use here in Michigan, but we'll see.

Between the two, I should be good to go for just about any conditions. Neither are optimal for running gates, truly bottomless powder, or bumps, but I don't see/do that all that often. (except moguls, which I don't normally do by choice) I chose the TS 10 foot over the 12 foot based on the fact that I'd already bought Mantras so the wide thing was already covered.

Add my old skis:

Völkl 5 Star 175 cm. Still a great ski, but after 5 seasons it's time to move on.

Völkl P50 Platinum 178cm These are probably going to the swap in a couple of weeks. A great ski in it's day. Still a lot of fun in the right circumstances.

Fischer Outbound Crown XC 189 cm - for hitting the woods with my wife. Wide, stable, metal edges - So stable that I can almost ski on these things.
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No justification needed.My Elan 888s are scheduled for delivery today.They will be my everyday free ski. They will join my Atomic SL12PBs and LT12s to be used as I join the Masters Race Program at Copper Mountain this season. Looking forward to a great snow ski year. James.
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Armada ARV's-Soft snow/Jibbery
Vist Superfront Two's-Hard snow/ripping when it's a bit hard
Nordica Hotrod Modifieds-Rock skis
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Phil needs to step up here....
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Ontario and the East Coast - Dynastar Contact 4x4

West Coast specific ski - Volkl Gotama

For sale: K2 Apache strykers (don't think I will really have a use for them...)
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O.K. I bite....

Here at home:

Atomic Deep Powder 180 w/ Solly 977 demo
Gotamas 190 w/ Dukes
Bros 179 w/ Naxo21 (wanna sell these off)
K2 Shuksan 181 w/ Fritschi Freerides for serious AT and the hard days

At my condo abroad:

CMH Explosives 190 w/ Solly 977 demo
Head Mojos 186 w/ Tyrolia 12 demo
Gotamas 183 w/ Naxo21
Atomic Heli Daddy 180 w/ Solly 977 demo
Sollys X_Scream 187 (rock ski)
Brockers 186 (or Lhasa Pows these days), unmounted yet

Two places to be equipped should be justification enough, no?
Scored some awesome deals and just couldn't resist. Plus with the demo binders you can alway argue to be ready for helping out visiting buddies (to calm the wifey down)
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
List your quiver and explain how and why you set it up. How do the skis complement or overlap each other.
Three skis I can easily justify. Please observe the 26mm and 24mm spread between the width on these 3 skis, no overlap here!

172cm 2009 Dynastar Contact 4x4: Race ski edgegrip in a 122-75-106 midfat width. Just what in needed on all those no-new-snow-in-3-days conditions.

192cm 2008 Fischer Watea 101: A true all-mountain ski that can carve the hardpack and float in the lightest and deepest snow. Easy to use in every situation and feels much smaller than its 134-101-124mm width and 192cm length would suggest. Provides great skiing in every high elevation situation.

186cm Volant Spatula: Great soft snow performance in a revolutionary-at-the-time 120-125-115mm sidecut and reverse camber design. Produces very quick direction changes and tight turns. Perfect for steep 'n deep conditions and deep snow tree skiing. Worthless on hardpack.

I also own an additional 5 skis that are difficult to justify .

175cm Fischer RX8: In the process of selling
183cm Blizzard Sigma S: High speed hard-snow ripper
172cm Dynastar Contact 11: I'll give these to my son
180cm Fischer Sceneo S500: Hard snow rock ski
195cm Salomon AK Rocket Swallowtail: Soft snow rock ski

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K2 PEs 179: bumps, worn out stuff when I don't feel like charging
Rossi 9X 188 (old 21m radius GS ski): groomers, too long for little East Coast trails, trade for something a little bit shorter
K2 Apache Chief 181: Soft tipped all mountain use, won't see much action this year (thinking of selling) with...
Volkl Katana 183: soft snow, more charging, though very maneuverable in 183 size
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Head i.C300 - all mountain hi speed carver, need it for the East...now my rock skis.
Head i.m88 - crud buster, need it for the chop, crud and powder we get on our busy slopes.
Head Supershape i.Speed - my new NASTAR racer.
Head RD i.GS - also for NASTAR and for the masters racing I keep hoping to get started in.
Head RD i.SL - these are also for the racing that I am hoping to do.
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Atomic C9:18 180cm
Kinda cheater GS. Picked up cheap to race in the club championships/parents races. Likely to be replaced by '07 Fischer RC4 WC GS 180cm (a buddy has a pair of these for sale - Women's FIS-GS for 07/08 and 08/09).

Head XRC500 163cm (no Intelligence, no LiquidMetal)
The first carving skis I bought. Low speed limit and jittery, at least with a hefty pilot like me. The wife wants to try them (probably because they're orange!) but if she can't get along with them then they'll have to go. To be replaced some time with a proper short radius carver (SS Magnum?)

Head i.M78 Monster 177cm
Don't have more than a couple of hours on these yet. They feel like they can tackle anything except I guess the kind of powder we never see around here anyway.

Dynastar TroubleMaker Phil Dion Pro 165cm
A bundle of fun! I skied these all the time last season in all sorts of conditions and despite being silly short they're great. An easy ride that likes jumps and tight spots. Carves nicely too, though plainly its too short for Mach-stupid. Currently 1st choice for plowing junior race courses and generally bumming around on the slopes while Jr. is training.

Dynastar TroubleMaker Phil Larose Pro 182cm
I liked the 165s so much I just had to splash for a pair of long ones when I saw them going cheap-cheap-cheap.

3 x 78mm skis, though the lengths and radii are all different. Only time will tell if there's too much overlap. Do I need something wider? The wife's Foils are wider than any of my skis.

Justification? They were all cheap, some very cheap, and I can't resist a deal. Must sell the Atomics if I buy the Fischers. Between the GS and the Monsters they've got the C9:18s more than covered. On the other hand, they could be handy loaner skis.....aaarrrggghhhh! What has Epic done to me?
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170cm Fischer RX8 for short turns on hard snow
181cm Head IM77 for longer turns on hard snow or crud or a bit of powder.
178cm Fischer Watea 94 for trips out west and occasional dump here.

Little to no overlap, first two set up 1 base 3 side bevel, Watea to be 1 base 2 side.
All set up with Railflex binders so I can carry one set of bindings everywhere.

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I don't need to justify it to ANYONE DAMMIT!

Ok, fine, I will,

181 Coombas w/dynafits Lightweight peakbagging touring rig

Ak Rocket Swallowtails w/dukes Other touring rig\

Armada ANTs w/p18s Hard snow/everyday ski for tighter terrain or early season when the coverage (and possibly my conditioning) isn't conducive to maching with the squads

194 Squads w/p18s
Everyday ski.

196 Comikazis w/p18s
Go to pow ski

200 flex 235 Iggy FFF's
Should be obvious, for going mach ludicrous, approaching plaid speed. Probably doesn't need to be said that they're for pow, because in any other condition I wouldn't want to go fast enough to want these things.

I'm thinking of selling the ANTs, I dont really like tight terrain too much anyways, and for early season, the Ak's will do just fine.

I'm also thinking I want to add a fatter more pow specific touring rig, maybe 190 Moment Rubies w/dukes. Most of my touring has been early season or spring stuff, but I'm starting to do more midwinter type stuff and the ak's just don't quite float/surf that well in pow.
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Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
170cm Fischer RX8 for short turns on hard snow
181cm Head IM77 for longer turns on hard snow or crud or a bit of powder.
178cm Fischer Watea 94 for trips out west and occasional dump here.

Little to no overlap, first two set up 1 base 3 side bevel, Watea to be 1 base 2 side.
All set up with Railflex binders so I can carry one set of bindings everywhere.

The traveling mans quiver!

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Well let's see..

1. Volkl Tigershark 10's w/switch for those frontside hardpack only days.. Nice hardpack ripper..

2. Most everyday ski.. Movement Thunders, anything under 6", ski can make you fly out of turns, literally... Nasty fast..

3. Anything over 6" 183 Gotama's.. Great all mtn for those pow days.. Can go anywhere..

P.S. I ONLY ski out west.. CA, UT, CO, WY, etc...
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