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Ski Length

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I have been wondering this for a little bit, and didn't find anything really via search...but how do different ski manufactuers arrive at a length for a ski. I often find that manufacturers stated lengths don't equal the actual measured length.

Why is this? Am I missing something simple?
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Chord length (straight line from tip of tip to tip of tail)
Running length (length of ski base on flat surface)
curved length (length from tip of tip to tip of tail running flexible tape along base)
Hat (picking a number out of a hat or out of their a**)
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The measurements are really all over the place as Ghost suggests. You really need to be familiar with a particular ski now in order to nail what length you want. It can be a bit frustrating and I've definitely erred on the side of too short...you almost have to use the old test of where does the ski tip come up to on your head...chin, nose or higher?
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Does a company generally stick with the same measuring stick, or can they differ between their own products?
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I have two pairs of K2s that are different widths. If I stand them up they are exactly the same length, with one pair having more camber, so possibly a longer cord length. The one with the longer cord length is labled 188 and the other ones are labled 190. Labled ski length should not be taken too seriously. There are many other more important factors when choosing a ski.

It should be noted that the ones labled 188 are a later model, when longer skis were less marketable.
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I have older K2s that are mostly dead on chord length, but have a pair of 07 CaBrawlers listed as 179 that are actually closer to 175. None of the other standards explains a ski being shorter than listed. I'm guessing screw up at factory lead to them all being the wrong size and K2 stuck with their story anyway. I've heard other new K2s come shorter than listed. Can't say for other brands, I have newer Heads and Nordicas that appear correct using chord length as the standard.
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