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Skiing the trees

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Steamboat Mary Jane and Telluride.
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First? Trees next to Slalom at A-Basin. Before they were thinned out to make glades.

Best? CMH/Monashees. Tango, Everglades, Steep and Deep, Bonanza are untouchable...
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The face of Bell in Aspen thirty years ago.

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On the East Coast, no question:
Jay Peak and Sutton
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mount snow 6th grade
jay peak

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nice pix.
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Believe it or not, my first time was at Mtn. High. I was taking a lesson, and the instructor took me there, even though at the time, tree skiing wasn't allowed there!
Backside of Kratka Ridge (Snowcrest) is probably the best.
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My tree skiing started only last year (if you don't count 25 years ago at Vail bowls).

I was with my 9 year old, boarding son on a cold day at Mt.Snow Vt. The wind was strong on the north face, and every time my son had to buckle up, the ground drift gave him a real blasting.
I suggested we dip into "The Trials", a wooded "glade". (What estern skiers call glades, the western skier calls underbrush)

His first reaction was no, "I will meet you at the lift". But after waiting for five minutes and seeing the smile on my face, he agreed to go in for the second run.

The snow, the quiet, and no wind captured us both!. We were/are hooked We must have made twenty trips through the trees that day. We even skipped lunch. I love the way a tree run takes longer and is more than the same vert. on trail.

The best for me lately Vail last year, just a little out of bounds. 'Breaking at the waist.

I consider skis that turned on short notice a good thing!

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My first tree skiing was at Mt. Snow, too, after a huge snowfall. Fun!

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First- Jericho Glade - Jiminy Peak.

Best- Middle rib - Steamboat Springs
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First time "proper" tree skiing was off Timberline in Winter Park. (I'd done some in Breckinridge, but the trees were far enough apart for it not to count!)

And my favorite runs are still some of the ones off Timberline, but I go steeper & deeper now!

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When I was a kid, we just used to ski "the woods" we didn't need no stinkin' glade
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First, the woods at Hyak. Best, Steamboat and the backside of Game Creek Bowl on the way to Minturn.
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The first? I don't remember but the best is easy...Steamboat baby..."Land of the Lil People" just off to the right side of "Rolex". Very tight trees. I NEVER see skiers in there though...just boarders!!
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Can't remember--somewhere in CO before I was five.
Best have been at Red Mtn., no question (and I haven't even been there on an exceptionally good day). Perfect spacing.
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I'm with Philth, Red Mt, BC. followed by Slide Mt, NV.
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Definitly Mad River Glen, but Jay Peak ranks right up there! I like the mix of drops, ice flows and trees at MRG, but also like the ease of open woods at Jay.
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First -- can't remember

Favorite/Best -- STEAMBOAT!
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First: Skiing solo every Saturday morning when 7 years old at a tiny hill with a J-bar near Greenfield, MA.

Best: Heavenly Valley, CA. Skiways on the CA side and between all the trails on the Nevada side. The big ponderosa pines don't have low branches and are perfectly spaced apart for relaxed tree-skiing.

Second Best: Twilight at Steamboat for aspens and Closet for pines.

Third Best: Seldom/Never Glades in Sundown Bowl at Vail on a powder day.
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Forgot to mention Serre Chevalier as a tie for Red Mtn., great trees there as well.
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First: Powder King, B.C. (Canada)
Best: same, not extremely steep but often excellent powder and nice glades, and trees. A little known and out of the way hill, but featured in Ski magazine in the fall of 2000 (in the Buyers Guide edition).

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First was Mt. spokane
best is bieberwier, austria ( small but absolutley perfect trees
PS skiing trees is my favorite place to ski
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finally skied some trees myself at heavenly.
that's fun.

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First trees: Mt. Spokane. My friends and I loved the trees.

Best trees: the Selkirks/Monashees, Steamboat.

Weirdest thing I ever encountered skiing trees was a week ago. To my surprise, I saw a head sticking out of the snow just a couple of feet from my line, just as I was passing. I pulled to a stop and saw a little farther away a group of kids lounging around with their skis off, laughing uproariously at my reaction at seeing their friend who was buried up to the neck.

Probably wouldn't have been so funny if I'd skidded the turn.
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Back already?!
That was a quicky.
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yeah, friday at kirkwood, saturday heavenly. the shop came in real handy, by the way. THANK YOU for that.
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I can't really remember where I was the first time I skied trees or even when it was.( A long time ago though)

But, I can tell you where my favorite place to ski trees is, "The Boat" Shadows to Closet for sure and Christmas Tree Bowl offers some of the best trees around.

That said, just about any Resort will have some good tree runs if the powder is deep.
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First trees - somewhere at Stowe, don't remember where.

Best trees - Big Mountain MT. last year. Trees spaced far enough apart combined with fresh pow and I finally convinced my wife to ski the trees. Guess what, she didn't hate it.
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