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Little Help?

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hi after learning to nordic ski at the sugarloaf outdoor center here in maine last year i have purchased a few pairs of nordic skiis for my family.

they are older skis but in great shape. i also purchased bindings off of ebay. the were new in the box and i have since mounted them.

thing is they are older model bindings. well one of the sets are from 1987 and the others were made in 2002.

cross country skiing boots are unlike downhill boots in that they arent universal and must match the binding. i had purchased a pair and found out the hard way that they all dont match up.

i was wondering if someone with nordic experiance could help me find the right boots for my set up. i could take detailed pictures ect ,

i have mounted on my skis atomis sns profile bindings.
and on the wifes she has salomon sns bindings .

the boots i purchased are karhu boots which said the were touring sns boots but the dont fit my bidings? little help?

thanks you for any assistance you may be able to provide.
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SNS Touring (probably) SNS BC? has a wider, beefier, toe bar that won't fit in a standard SNS Profil binding, either switch boots or bindings.

The older SNS may be the first generation which had a toe bar that sort of formed a 'loop'... just replace the binding, finding the correct boot will be futile.
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