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Fernie people....info please :)

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Hi guys. I know some of you live in Fernie. I was wondering if you heard anything about a Fernie discount card this year. I bought a Castle pass and I was hoping to get a Louise card to use at Fernie to mix things up a bit.

Now that Charlie Locke got Louise back, the card doesn't give much of a discount at Fernie(you get six bucks off with no free days). The $75-80 dollar lift tickets seem kind of steep, enough to keep me on the east side of the divide, or at least spend my money somewhere less familiar, like montana. So, any good news?

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Newfydog, lived in Fernie but he is in France now.
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I don't know if you're going to the Calgary Snow Show this weekend, but I'll check out at the Fernie/RCR booth if there is one. My major use of the Louise Card the last three years has been at Fernie, so I'm feeling miffed (although fortunately I haven't bought the card yet, so I still have lots of options). I'm going to check out what the discounts are for booking the lift ticket with accommodations at Fernie, and see if the price break is reasonable.

The card for Kicking Horse/Panorama is starting to look much better as an investment now, and I've already picked up the Ticket to Ride for Big White/Silver Star to go with my Sunshine Pass.

So RCR sells off Louise in order to concentrate on those hills where they can do real estate development , I wonder how that will work out?
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Thanks guys.

I think I will make it up for to the ski and snowboard show. Hopefully Fernie will have some sort of discount. Good call on the accommodations, there can be really great deals there. I was hoping to day-trip and maybe hostel a bit though.

I love skiing Kicking Horse and I think their card is a great deal. I will only be in Lethbridge for two years though and being 2.5 hours closer to the Montana boarder, I was planning on checking out the Bozeman area resorts (bridger should be cheap, big sky...not so much) over Banff/Louise/KH. Of course, Revy might draw me up north.....
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Red MTN has a card for sell which was a deal last year basically 90 for three days skiing with discounts for more sold at 7/11 stores in the Spokane area. I know not Fernie but still a good deal.

The other nugget of info would be Turner outside of Libby MT is only open Fri, Sat, Sun they have some great Fri Pow days. You can rent the Mtn too.
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Thanks teledance. I will have to look into Turner. Powder fridays sound like a lot of fun!
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Nothing on offer that I could see for Fernie at the RCR booth (Louise had a separate booth and the RCR folks were still referring people there for the Louise card), however I've checked out the package deals online and it looks like you can pick up a single or multi-day pass with your hotel booking at a $12 per day discount. That doubles the new Louise card discount.

On the other hand, Revelstoke had a three day card available at the Snow Show for $150, so it looks like I might head due West instead of South this season.
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Thanks gnjantzie.

I was only in calgary long enough to catch up with friends and former lovers, so i skipped out on the ski show. There is a show in Lethbridge this weekend though.

I finally live within day-trip distance of fernie, and it got expensive.....That revelstoke deal seems really good though.
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The KH snowmax card is an awesome deal, just watch the blackout dates (Xmas-NYE and I think family day weekend).
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It looks like they have an 'express card'. No discount, but you get to skip the ticket line. I've always found it funny that ski resorts advertise direct to lift cards as free......it makes operations easier for them as well.
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Snowmaxx Activation

I don't have a qualifying province photo ID for the snowmax card. However, it will let me buy it online using a friends Calgary address and also has an "Activate online" button I see. Just wondering if anyone knows if I will be able to activate and use the snowmax card and get away with it or if I will have to show photo ID at the resort to collect lift tickets or something???? Thanks!
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I have been asked for ID at kicking horse, only used snowmax at pano once, and i don't remember if I was asked.

If you are lucky, the ID might only be for confirming Identity......
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