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Need Help Fitting My Son

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It's time for my annual family gear drive and with a growing boy boots are always on the list. This year I face the dilemma of deciding if he should stay in junior or go to adult sizes.

Here's the stats:

Eleven year old 145lbs, 5ft tall aggressive intermediate skier. He can ski wide track parallel on groomed steeper trails but would rather bomb the easier trails.

When sized on a mondo chart he is at 25. His old Solomon boots are 25 but the inner boot is way small. It appears his foot has not grown much in length but has gained in girth. The same is true with his calves, ankles and Achilles tendon.

Obviously we need to look at high volume boots to keep him in the proper length. I'll be hoping to buy used equipment, of course. Any recommendations?
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Have you thought about putting and Intuition liner in the current Salomon? Which model Salomon do you have now? He certainly weighs enough to be in an adult sport boot, though his height may preclude some boots with higher cuffs. Make sure the boot height is appropriate for his lower leg length (max. 1/2 way up)

Hey I heard about you western Pennsylvanians
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Thanks for the quick response, Bud. Everything you heard about Western Pennsylvanians is true except what Murtha said. That stuff is true too but we'll not admit it publicly.Fact is, we just a bunch of poor rednecks.

His old boots were Performa T3, three buckles but they're gone. The shell really did seem too narrow. This was true for the 25 to 25.5 sizes we tried on from Dalbello, Head and Salomon. They were either too tight across the instep or tight around the ankle/lower calf.

The larger sizes gave him the volume he needed but when I put his foot in the shell there was about 1 1/2" from heel to shell with toes just touching.

In case it matters, his street shoes range from a men's size 8 1/2 to 9

What make and model will fit a wide foot and thick calf? Perhaps a better question is how do you keep an eleven year old focused long enough to get a good fit?
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It is really difficult to fit a boot over the internet, but it sounds like you know what you are looking for and will find it with the help of your favorite shop. Remember not to generalize about brands and the volume of the boot, because every manufacturer has a variety of last shapes for different volume feet, so ask your boot fitter to show you what they got!
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are the buckles too tight with the buckles OPEN (not just loose) and thin socks, and a supportive footbed)

for thecalf can you just move the buckles looser? maybe a heel lift will get some of the calf will out of the boot

just I bet that the 25 fits him just fin with a few changes
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Bud, I'm surprised to hear that manufacturers would use different lasts for junior sizes. I assumed that most would use just a few lasts for a wide variety of sizes, making up the difference in the liner. So much for trying to narrow down the choices.

mtnlion, the calf was a real issue with one pair of size 26. The cuff was tight even without being buckled. There was a slight heel lift. Socks were thin, footbeds just stock. Most other boots we tried (all larger than 25) were also tight at the top bukle. I played with the adjustments but I didn't check to see if the buckle could be moved.

I don't think I'll be buying him a custom footbed until he's done growing but I'll check into some inexpensive aftermarket if they're better then stock.

I know doing this online is impossible. I'm just looking for some advice on what to look for fitting a kid on the borderline of junior/adult boots.
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going to a smaller boot will work way better for many things

1) smaller boot is lower so less calf is in the boot

2) heel will fit better

3) drill out the buckles and move them to where they fit

4) add a heel lift to get less calf in the boot
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Thanks mtnlion and Bud.
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