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OK sheskis (my sister), you finally did it. Now I've got him talking about ski boots and how to carve a turn while we were at a giants game. Good thing we are getting a little more snow, I can still take him up to Kirkwood this season.

How about a day trip next weekend, Dad?
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preface this post...i am typing with my left hand only...

dadski and docski, welcome to epicski!!!!! dad, you already fit in! bro, i have sent dad a loooong email on getting boots fitted. have fun at kirkwood, guys. next year, i'm joinin' ya!

this thread made my day! better than pain meds anytime.
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Dadskis said:
I have no illusions about tackling double blacks. My instructor set me straight. "Pick YOUR terrain and stay within yourself".
Good advice but you will be surprised at how your attitude changes as your skills improve. I started out thinking I would be satisfied with the blues at our home mountain which is flattish by Northern hemisphere standards. A few years later I find myself looking for chutes and steeps.

Choosing your terrain and staying within your comfort levels is good advice but I have found that a judicious bit of extension of the envelope can be very stimulating! Either way you will have a lot of fun and as suggested in another post there is all the great fun to be had buying ( or just talking!) about gear. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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nice gift, Liz... and well done, Dad!
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Congratulations dadskis. And welcome to both docskis and you. My mom is 65 and my dad (now 68) has given her "permission" to ski till she'll be 70, from then on, he hopes she'll "retire" and the two of them will spend their free time travelling in warm places (my dad does not ski, never had, never will), so her arthritis should improve. Despite the pain in her hands and feet and neck, she skis on, this winter she skied down a bump run again, despite the protestations at the beginning;I did not force her down, I simply told her "the kids and me will ski down here, if you don't feel doing it, no problems, take the alternate route and we'll meet at the bottom". Took two turns and there she was, right behind me (she loved bumps, and this demontrated me that she still likes the darn things)".
So, never force yourself or allow other to convince you to do something that you don't feel you can handle.
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Hope that thumb feels better soon, sheskis. For those that are interested sheskis is spending a lot of time watching others ski while she gets better from surgery for a skier's thumb injury
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Welcome dadskis & docskis

Dadskis [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] my skiing aim is to ski like Frank at Franks age - frank is 80something & still races Masters races.... He wants a >80 category - because he says >70 means that there are 'young' guys he has to compete against (though he outskis them anyway) & >80 is different to >70
Keep it up - old & stubborn has its advantages
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