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New and Almost New Skis for Sale

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I need to thin out the quiver since I didn't even get to some of these skis last season. Pictures are available if you send me your personal email. Just thought I would post here before these go on ebay in a couple of weeks.

2007 Stockli Laser SC 163cm, Vist Speedlock Pro plate, Vist 4-12 binding. Like new condition - used for only 4 runs. Dims: 114-63-95 & R 13.5. These are the same as the current Stockli Laser SC but these are gray and silver with red trim. The bindings are the Vist 4-12 bindings which are gray with the translucent red covers to match the skis. The Speedlock plate allows the bindings to be set for any boot sole length without redrilling or without tools. These skis have been hotboxed and waxed several times. They are in perfect condition and they are fast. Storage wax on them, but I will scrape and wax prior to shipping. Will also hotbox if desired. $500 plus shipping.

2007 Stockli Rotor 169cm. Brand New with Tyrolia Railflex System with RFD 12 bindings. Dims: 124-76-109 & R14. These were purchased to replace a pair of Rotors that I regretted selling, but I never got a chance to ski them last year. These are the blue and yellow skis but aside from cosmetics they are unchanged from the current Rotors. They are very stable at speed, but they also offer a pretty tight turn radius. This is probably the most versatile ski in the Stockli line and the RFD12 Railflex system allows the bindings to be set for any boot size without redrilling. This is a great all around ski that does everything well. Just waxed. $550 plus shipping.

2008 Head Supershape 165cm – Brand New in plastic. Purchased at the end of the season last year but there is too much overlap. These are the red & white skis with the matching Head (Tyrolia) FF14 red and white binding mounted to the Head 13mm Carve Plate. Because of the Carve Plate, the bindings can be moved without redrilling. Dims: 121-66-106 & R11.4. Hotboxing available. $500 plus shipping.

2005 Head iXRC 1200 170cm with 13mm Carve Plate. New in plastic. Dims 112-66-98 & R15.4. SImilar to above but a little older and more of a GS ski. This is a well reviewed ski. It is an earlier version of the current Head Supershape series. This is a great all-mountain ski with GS stability but with a more reasonable turn radius than a true GS skis and accepts most Tyrolia bindings that are not Railflex - wide range of DINS available. $225 plus shipping.

2008 Volkl AC40 Unlimited 170cm with Marker IPT12 binding. Dims: 125-82-110 & R16. Used one day. Perfect condition. Bindings can be adjusted without redrilling. The follow up ski to the AC4. This ski can be driven like a GS ski on groomers, but it is wide enough to handle some powder. Great reviews. Waxed and hotboxed this season. $550 plus shipping.

2008 Scott P4 191cm. Brand new still in plastic. Never drilled. Selling for a friend which is why the length is longer than all of the other skis. Check reviews. $300 plus shipping.

2008 Icelantic Nomad 168cm mounted with matching blue Look PX12 bindings set for 315mm BSL. Brand New. Dims: 140-105-130 & R17. This is a great set-up for powder or woods. Purchased these last year, but they did not arrive in time for my trip out West. $450 plus shipping.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to make a reasonable offer or trade. Thanks.
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I may be interested in your 168 Nomads. What size foot do you have? Contact me at tom.waterloo@gmail.com

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Interested in just selling some Railflex's?
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Correction on Head iXRC1200

It looks like this is actually a 2006 model ski not a 2005 - I checked the numbers stamped on the sidewall.
Photos available on request.
The carve plate will accept Tyrolia of Fischer non-Railflex bindings.
Please email me for specific applications.
Still new in plastic.
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Hi Have sent you a pm regards the Head iXRC 1200
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Intersted in your SC's

I would like to pursue purchasing your Laser SC's Can you email
me at Thad@Bourlet.com? Thankyou
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have you sold the nomads yet?
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There has been interest in the Nomads, but as of now they are still available.
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Someone buy this stuff - it's all in great condition for reasonable prices.

My friend has a gear addiction and we need to go skiing this winter!
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Stockli Laser SCs and Stockli Rotors have been sold.
All others are still available.
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I am interested in the P4s. What year are they? (are they the white with multicolored stripes or the new black ones?)
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I may be interested in your Nomad's. I tried to PM you but I haven't met the post requirement. If you still have them please contact me cmdudley@comcast.net

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Do you still have the Nomad's?
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I received your PM - can't respond because I don't have enough posts. So I'm replying here.

I noticed that you had them for sale and thought I would ask about them. I would have to get them re-mounted since my BSL is only 296 so I was only going to offer you $425 anyways and hope for the best. I'm the guy from NH that bought your RX-8's two years ago.
Thanks for your response.
Dick (cmdudley@comcast.net)
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P4's still avail? and thats 108 underfoot right?
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P4s have been sold.
Yes they are 108 underfoot - 138-108-127 overall for the 191.
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Are the AC40's still available?
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AC 40s have been sold.
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Can you send me an email regarding the Head iXRCs? I can't PM you.


mheath2 at gmail.com
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All skis except Nomads have been sold.
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