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Your first time skiing...

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This might be interesting.

Tell about your first time skiing. Specifically:
Where was it?
How old where you?
Ski equipment used?
Ski "outfit" worn?

Here is mine.
Terry Peak , SD
I think I was 10 or 11
Wooden skis, metal edges, some kind of cable binder, no recollection about the boot. But the skis did get a fresh coat of paint with flames.
Green, made from a kit by my mom, down puffy coat. Jeans. Big pom-pom green knit hat (in style again). Green Kmart "winter" gloves.

Good Times,
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Alpine Meadows

No idea, no recollection whatsoever, but I cannot thank my Dad enough for putting me on a pair of skis.
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Many years ago...

- Heavenly Nevada Side Rope tow
- 1969ish
- Blue jeans (I left blue streaks in the snow when I fell)
- Blue sweater
- Borrowed white wooden skis with screw-on edges
- Cable bindings
- Black leather lace-up boots...I think? (my sister had rubber boots)
- Can't remember poles...something with leather baskets (my sister had bamboo poles)
- Can't remember what kind of hat or eye protection
- Took an A lesson
- Next day took a B lesson and rode the chair
- It must have been a sight
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Portillo, 1996

My first ski trip was to Portillo, Chile, in 1996.

I was 16 years old and went there with a school friend.
I remember using old Rossignol skis and old boots (the ones you press in the heel to make it tight)

We stayed for one week. Lessons were included with the 7 day lift ticket, and it really made the difference. Having 6 days of ski lessons in my first ski experience helped a lot!

The first 30 minutes weren't very fun... but then... I just discover something that changed my life... snow... mountains... adrenaline... the cold air in against your face...
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I don't remember it, but it was at Buttermilk.
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Where: North facing glade the apartments in central city backs up to, conditions ranging from ice to 4 foot power to breakable crust on top of shoulder deep granular crap.
Age: 19
Equipment: Oakley jacket and pants, scarpa t3s, Fischer 189 snowbound crown with voile 3 pin cable binding.

I was hooked, never knew what a wedge was.
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I moved from Texas to Calgary in 1992. I was 12 and my dad, who lived in Alberta in the 70s, was really excited to ski again. We ended up getting some snow in August, so he put me in my mom's old equipment. I side-stepped up the hill and was able to make one turn a "run". Surprisingly, that was all it took for me to get hooked. I got some skis of my own in the fall and a season's pass to Norquay....
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Went with two skiers to Mammoth Mountain in 1977 at age 17. Don't remember the ski gear, and assume I had Levis on. My buddies told me how easy it was to ski and took me to the top of an easy blue run. After I couldn't figure out how to ski in 10 minutes, my buddies bailed on me and headed for the cornice. I ended up walking down, so pissed off I was nearly in tears. I walked back to our truck with my skis, thinking I was going to head back home without my "friends," and a group of skiers asked me why I was quiting. They expressed sympathy after hearing my tale, and said, "You don't want to waste that all-day $17 lift ticket do you?" So I headed back up and by the end of the day was bombing down the blue slope. Now on my 31st season and an expert skier. Moral of the tale? Do your friends a favor and drop them off at the ski school.
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You guys will dig this:

Boone, NC - Appalachain Ski Mountain.
11 years old.
Old K2's with rainbow K2's down both ski tips.
Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket with matching teal Starter pants.

Needless to say, I was killin' it out there!
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Where was it?
Badger Pass, Yosemite.

How old where you?
3 years old.

Ski equipment used?
Red, wood skis with no edges, rubber bindings, rubber rain boots, bamboo poles.

Ski "outfit" worn?
One piece, puffy snow suit, canvas cap with ear flaps.

I don't really remember much about it, but I've seen movies. I would go straight down the hill with my feet together, & then just fall over when I got to the bottom.

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1961; Stowe, VT. I was 11. Wood skis, no metal edges, bear-trap cable bindings, leather ski boots, bamboo poles. Jeans and some sort of coat, I guess.
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1963. Stevens Pass, WA. Wood skis with metal edges, cable bindings. All wool clothing, including mittens. It was snowing and I still remember the smell of the wet wool. I was 10 and miserable.
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The Gnar,
matching Teal Starter pants, are you kiddin' me? That is Killin' It, no doubt.

Is it always snowing at Steven's, I have been there once a year for several years, and it is always snowing. Next time, all wool, and smelly for sure.
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1966, Mt. Bleu, outside Lawrence, KS. My best memory was holding onto my Dad's leg going up the rope tow. With a vertical of about 15 ft., I think it took a 1/3 of a second to get down.
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1966 or 7, at a ski area named Tamarack, not the one currently in operation. Next time was 35 years later.
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Appalachian Ski "Mountain" near Blowing Rock, NC
I was 9 years old
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Originally Posted by TheGnar View Post
Boone, NC - Appalachain Ski Mountain.(snip)
It's actually closer to Blowing Rock than Boone. Its where I skied for the time too.
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Appalachian Ski Mountain. Great people, great school, great time.
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Copper Mountain 1972. I have no idea what I was wearing or skiing on, because I was 4. But I remember this big tree in the middle of the hill, and I was afraid to hit it so I would sit down if I got too close (which was probably, like, 50 ft).

Fast forward, and we now own a little ski condo at the bottom of that bunny hill, so almost every day that I ski, I go right past that same tree on my way home. I'm not scared of it anymore, by the way.
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1979 took a bus trip from College Station Texas, bus went non stop to Winter Park, I was 19 .Bus had a keg on it and I did my share to float it , stayed up all night and was sick as a dog the first two days. I thought I was hung over but now know it was altitude. My brother showed me the basics and then we went up, had a blast and the whole trip cost $300. included everything . Took more than 20 years to get back ....
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Mid-1960's at the Broadmoor. My mother drove me, one of my sisters, my sister's friend and her brother over there one day in the afternoon during a school vacaton week. I don't remember what I was wearing, but I can assure you it was not waterproof or breathable - probably a standard 1960's "snowsuit". We all rented skis, boots, and poles. I think the boots were actually made of plastic and buckled. The skis were very short because they were using the GLM, or graduated length method. The theory was that you started off on really short skis and graduated to longer skis as you got better. We took a group lesson. The instructor took us to the "top". On the way down the brother fell and fractured his leg. I insisted that my mother take us back the next day. My sister was scared after witnessing her friend's brother's injury. I was hooked.
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Originally Posted by TheGnar View Post
You guys will dig this:

Boone, NC - Appalachain Ski Mountain.
11 years old.
Old K2's with rainbow K2's down both ski tips.
Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket with matching teal Starter pants.

Needless to say, I was killin' it out there!
Originally Posted by UtahPowderPig View Post
Appalachian Ski "Mountain" near Blowing Rock, NC
I was 9 years old
Originally Posted by UtahPowderPig View Post
It's actually closer to Blowing Rock than Boone. Its where I skied for the time too.
Originally Posted by jonrpen View Post
Appalachian Ski Mountain. Great people, great school, great time.
Home of "The Famous French Swiss Ski College" They've got a bunch of old photos of Jean Claude Killy in the lodge trying to make it look like he worked there or something.

But for little town joint the facilities aren't bad. It'd say it is a bit better than Buck Hill in MN where I grew up and taught in high school. I'm taking my kids to Appalachian for their first lessons in a month or so. Lodge mom will dig the free wifi so she'll not die of boredom while we are

My first time on skis was in my back yard in Alexandria VA 1971. I did a lot of back woods skiing in the fields and valleys of Minnesota 74-76 before finally moving up to mighty Buck Hill where I took my first actual lessons in 1976 age 12 on Norhtlands that had been cut down to about 130 cm with Solly 202s that I screwed on by hand the night before that post Christmas 4 day ski and lesson package. You should have seen the look on the Instructor when he saw my gear. I did get sent to the shop for safety straps, but tore it up on those little planks just fine
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Sorry if this is a bit verbose but I can remember this like it was yesterday...

I started late compared to most... 18 years old and went with a few friends, my dad and a caravan. Stayed right next to a lake (not clever) that gave a good impression of Siberia when the wind whipped up

As I had no experience, we went to a rather sedate area Smiggins Hole (NSW, Australia) where we were met with blizzard conditions. Thinking that I'd enjoy the sport, I had bought some low cost clothing from my local surf shop in Sydney (Jacket, bib & brace) for a grand total of $29 in a beautiful late 70's style blue. Bought a ticket (all of $16 in those days), hired some skis and proceeded to fumble my way onto the snow proper.

Now I had water skied for many years and thought to myself, "it can't be that different - who needs a lesson" and promptly tripped (adding a cart-wheeled for difficulty to the fall) into the lift line. After enlisting some poor soul as a leaning post for the duration of the line, the lifty managed to get that piece of torture between my legs (it was a J-Bar) and I was off! Somehow, I managed to stay on the thing all the way to the top (all of about 100m vertical) and felt pretty good that I had got off the thing leaving my wedding tackle intact and without ending up on my backside.

Then came the crunch...I got up to the top okay but how do I get down! That bunny slope looked like a cliff and people on the lift line looked so far away (I asked myself why did I do this??) Oh well, too late I surmised and timidly aimed my skis slightly downhill. I was off and a second question started to niggle on my now slowly freezing brain - "I wonder how you stop on these things?" (Maybe I should have tried this out at the bottom first!!) but adolescent bravo overruled common sense and I started to gather speed. I had watched a couple of skiers gliding down the beginners slope whilst riding up the lift so I gave my best attempt at a snowplough turn - it worked and I thought I was on my way to becoming a skier... that was until I tried to turn the other way! I couldn't and ended up sliding down the hill on my stomach until a ski tip managed to dig into the snow halting my penguin impersonation. Well, this continued for the remainder of the run - one turn and then splat.

When I finally got to the bottom, I passed on the lift line and decided to wander over to a less crowded area and practice a bit (both turning and stopping). I trudged up that slope and skied it for an hour until I felt I could manage that bunny slope without fear. I rejoined the lift line with new-found confidence but alas it was short lived... I kept falling off the J-Bar! After about six attempts I got my balance and managed to stay on to the top so I spent the next couple of hours exploring the joys of skiing until fatigue and a thirst for beer finally kicked in.

As I stated earlier, I'd bought a cheapish parka and bib & brace for this trip. What I hadn't noticed was the hundreds of threads that were hanging loose on the surface of the clothing. These threads had managed to gather snow throughout the afternoon and it looked like I had purchased the parka complete with white pom-poms.

Anyway, the day ended and after a good night's sleep we went back for more. This day was more fruitful and my passion for skiing was ignited. This passion (which still burns) has taken me on a number of overseas trips in search of better conditions and to some of the world's premier resorts (eating up quite a sizable amount of money in the process). Thank goodness I didn't give up on that first day.
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A hill in my backyard in Lewiston, Maine 1961, I was 8. I had wood skis, no metal edges, bear-trap cable bindings and leather lace up ski boots.
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Here's another verbose one:

I grew up in southern Michigan, and if that weren't enough of an impediment to skiing, my family couldn't even come close to affording skiing. The totality of alpine skiing experience in my family was 2 days from my parents' youth...and my mom had nothing but bad things to say about it. Still, one of our yearly entertainment choices was going to see the Warren Miller film at a local college gym. My early memories of those movies include WM coming to the gym to do the narration live (I might be confusing that live narration with some travelogues done by another guy though). Anyway, until high school, the only skis I'd ever had on were cross country skis that we'd use in the somewhat hilly woods behind our house. Every time I could I'd try like hell to try to emulate those guys in the WM films. Let me tell ya, it's damn hard to turn cross country skis...but that didn't stop me dreaming of perfect powder 8s.

My sophomore year of high school my school set up a deal with the local ski bump (no longer in business) for the whole school to come out and have the place to ourselves. For $15 you could get rental and a day lift ticket. Not too bad a deal in the mid-80s. I was all over it!

The happy day dawned crystal clear and a bone chilling cold zero degrees. Insulated snow pants, long underwear, mittens, hat (still have the hat)...I went out looking like the Michelin man. When I lined up in the rental shop I had no clue what to do but luckily some of the kids in school who regularly skied helped us noobs out. I can remember clicking into the bindings at the top of the bunny slope (the lodge was at the top of the hill...the skiing was down into a little valley). I turned to one my experienced friends and said, "How do you turn these things?" At that point I kind of assumed they were as hard to turn as xc skis. The guy said, "You just kind of push with your heels." I shrugged, said, "OK" and pushed off. Turn-turn-turn...hockey stop. Wow, this is EASY!

Rope-tow back to the top and then over to the main part of the "hill". Next run was down an "intermediate"...lots of fun! Now for the challenge of a chair lift. After seeing all the "want your ski?" sections of WM films, I was assuming this was going to be another huge challenge. Nope...smoothly on and off. Next run on bumps...didn't really enjoy them, still don't choose them if I have an option. 3rd run was down the "black diamond" run there...wheeee! That's fun! I was completely hooked...it was as good as I had fantasized it would be all those years.

The only glitch in the day was that with all the beginners there there were indeed lots of failures loading/unloading the lift. With all those stops and the epic cold temps, the lift had some major issues by the end of the day. I seem to remember that they even had to replace the starter motor or battery or something. They ended up closing the lifts an hour or two early and kicking us out of there.

It was 3 years before I got on alpine skis again...that trip is an even longer story, but continues the theme of very cold weather (this time sleeping in an unheated cabin in West Virginia). But that's a story for another time...

Thanks for all the great first-time stories...love reading 'em.
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Only thing I remember is going into the Rasta Hut.??

It was like.....
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Where was it? Ski Santa Fe, NM

How old? My first time on skis was on March of 2004, at the very young age of 28. Talk about a late start!

Ski equipment? The generic cheap rentals at the mountain.

Ski outfit? cotton t-shirt with a sweater and a jacket on top of that. Long johns and sweatpants all stuffed inside the boots. I have pictures but they belong to the embarrasing pic thread

I spent most of the day at the bunny slope. At the end of the day I went to the top of the mountain and after skiing a green section I had to take off my skis and walk down a blue slope because I had no idea how to slow down.
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- Mt. Spokane, Jan. 1968 (I was 11)
- Skis: 190cm Lund Imperials - wood with screwed-on metal edges
- Bindings: Don't remember but they were some kind of cheapie step-ins
- Boots: San Marco....somethings....leather with buckles. They were stolen at the bus drop-off one day (after skiing, thankfully) then replaced with a pair of Koflach's, leather/buckle boots.

I skied 11 days that year, 8 days in lessons at Mt. Spokane and 3 days elsewhere (2 @ Schweitzer and 1 @ Jackass, now Silver Mountain). Man, that was a loooong time ago.
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My first time was at Sugar Mountain in Banner Elk NC around 1986.
Blue Jeans and a down coat.
Rented skis polls and gloves.

The first slope I skied was Big Birch. I lost my polls on the lift and I did'nt really ski it I just started falling to the left until I got out of everyones way. By the end of the day I skied every slope except the advanced ones without falling and was in love.

I was pretty sore the next day.

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Nov 3, 2008

First time skiing at Ski Liberty, 1978. Rental skis, boots and poles. The bindings, I think were Spaldings(?) or some other lessor known brand. They sort of "clamped" the mid-sole of the ski boots. Kept falling off the skis and very difficult to get back on. Don't know the brand/model for boots or skis. Blue jeans, LL Bean parka, street gloves. No googles.

Memorable event: Didn't know how to turn. Skied over some small pine saplings on the edge of the beginner's area. Today, these saplings are mighty pine trees of 40 feet height. Any Liberty Skier will know the line of pine trees I'm talking about. At that time, you could see skiers come down "Blue Streak" from the beginner's area. I thought to myself, I would never be "crazy" enough to come down that "steep, dangerous" slope. Liberty didn't have a "backside" then.

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