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First pair of skis

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After many years of snowboarding (and crosscountry skiing!) Ive laid the board aside to start skiing. I have only being skiing for 1 week but Im a very quick learner since I have been on a snowboard and skis before. I am living in the alps right now and I am planning to spend alot of time in the slopes this winter and learn alot.

Anyway, I have been looking into this forum and it looks like there are quite a few ppl who knows their ski equipment here. I am looking for 1 pair of skis with the following chars.
  • They should be allround/allmountain carvers
  • I am mostly in the pist but it would be great to be able to do some offpist as well
  • I am a beginner but on the other hand I need something to grow in!
  • I am 189 cm and about 85 kg ( 6,2 feet and 187 pounds)
  • I would be glad to get any info on length and type of skiis.
  • I have been looking at 174-177 cm skiis, would that be ok?
I have been looking at the Head Monster IM78 (177 cm) which looks really nice. Have also been looking at the Salomon xWING x9 (174 cm) and the K2 Apache Raiders (174 cm).

Which ones of those would you recommend or do you recommend anything else?

I am happy for all info that I can get!

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Hi, welcome to Epic. For future reference, this section is for folks who review skis, Gear Discussion is the place for asking what skis to buy. Anyway, assuming you can carve a snowboard, get the iM78's s bit short (177 for you), and enjoy. Nice all around, you'll get the hang rapidly, forgiving, have some guts for later on. Good luck.
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