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Short radius fat skis

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does anyone know of any fat skis (waist >100) with a short turn radius? Looking for something that can handle open bowl powder and trees as well on both coasts. Line EP Pro is short radius, but I don't really want something that fat. Line Elizabeth seems like it might work, but it's kinda short for a 6'0 guy. Anyone have any input on the elizabeth or K2 obsethed or hellbents? Any other suggestions?
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If you strictly looking to use them in pow, forget the short radius stuff, thats to make them turn on groomers. In soft snow, a rockered tip will make the ski way easier to turn in tight terrain than a ski with a lot of sidecut, while still maintaining much more stability than a ski with a lot of shape.
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Originally Posted by moranej View Post
does anyone know of any fat skis (waist >100) with a short turn radius? Looking for something that can handle open bowl powder and trees as well on both coasts.
They aren't the most versatile skis, but my praxis powders handle this terrain/conditions really well. Maggot's rockered recommendation is a good one......
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Line Prophet 100 have a trun radius around 17-19 if I remember correctly.
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Agree with the above. In powder, a soft flex has much more to do with actual turn radius than the sidecut has.
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Nordica Blowers have are 110mm and have a 21m radius. With lots of metal in them they're stable and damp enough to rail on groomers too.
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I just got the Ep pros. I havent skied them yet, they obvously have a short radius but they also look like they can haul on steep, firmer conditions. Also, they look like they arent uncontrolably fat on the firmer conditions
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Icelantic Shamans. Check the member gear reviews.
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Prior Doughboy is 105, Movement Goliath Sluff is 99, Volkl Gotama is 105, these have fairly deep cuts. Prior is serious (17-19 m radius), think Sluff is in the low 20's, Goats are middle 20's. But others are right; it's the flex that lets you turn in powder. Less sure I agree about hook-fear; depends on a lot besides sidecut. IMO, if you like to do fewer turns at higher speeds, get a longer sidecut and stiffer ski. If you like to do more turns at lower speed, get a shorter sidecut and softer. Simple...
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Line Prophet 100's have a radius of about 17...Doesnt get much lower than that for skis over 100 in the middle
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Sir Francis Bacon...the bigger Elizabeth.
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thanks for the input....does anyone know if the sir francis bacon has a rocker and if its just tip or tip and tail? Same question with the Obsetheds?
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obsetheds has a tip rocker. i don't think the the sfb has any rocker.
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There was a big discussion a month or so ago about Lacroix LX Powder Skis. Check it out.

168/108/140 11m@175cm!!!
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I've read that the Armada JJs are 14m radius, but I've had a hard time confirming it though. If you're not familiar with them, they're rockered skis with variable sidecut (126-138-115-133-121). I skied them last year in a variety of conditions and they're very good skis. They're not as good as a solid mid-80s on groomers, but they're better than any other 100+ ski I tried. In powder they're pretty much amazing. Definitely worth a demo if you can manage to find a pair (good luck).
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Look at the Movement Goliath Sluff...99mm under foot...23m turn radius, soft tip, stiff under boot, semi stiff tail...comes in 174, 184 and 194 length...
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