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tecnica Vento Boots

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I was looking at Tecnica Vento HVL boots since I have a wide foot and large calf. I have 2 questions first what is the difference between the 6 2 model and the 10 2 model there is a good price difference. Second since my calf's are big the one shop suggested placing a wedge under my heel and lifting my calf higher. The second ski shop didn't like the idea stating it would limit my forward movement?? any words of wisdom would be great thanks
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Funny way of looking at it. Raising your heel increases the range of motion available in the ankle. However, it also decreases the distance you can physically move your body forward without crossing over you tipping point at the ball of the foot.

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see how the wedge feels for you. should make the heifers happier, and is removeable if you don't like the new angle.

most people take the comfortable calfs over the ramp angle change
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