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How do I access SPW test scores?

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So after a month of random checking, discovered the SPW 09 test mag's link to its site now produces an 09 Ski Finder. Amazing! But only a tease, still no way to actually see numbers, skis that didn't make the grade, all the usual. Not to mention tests of fatter skis that are being referenced at other sites, even online merchants, but the online mag issue at SPW is, ah, invisible.

OK, I know I'm being seriously obtuse. But since they have no contact info, and their online site maps/help for newbies do not exist, does anyone here know HOW to actually get to this stuff? Is it as simple as subscribing to the online mag? (Noticed a brand new button for that, too, but last year no subscription needed.) Or is there a secret handshake? Good thing I enjoy their stuff because this is one messed up way to run an online publication.
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If you go to the SPW home page. Click on magazines on the header. When the magazine page comes up click on the fall issue. You get to turn the pages just like a magazine. You can then enlarge the approbate when you get to it. The top 10 of each category are what they show. Make sure you read how to interpret the findings.

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Thanks, Rick, but apparently my post was unclear. I already did that a month ago like the rest of us, have read the reviews in the 09 buyers issue. What I'm looking for are the specific breakdown of scores (short turns, long turns, edge hold, energy etc. that produce the final score (85.9 etc.) that's given in the gear issue. As well as the skis that didn't quite make the top ten. All this was available in the past few years online. Can't get to it this year.
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To get the score breakdowns in each category, go to the Ski Finder link (far right side of their menu at the top), choose your gender and category, then click the "View the Skis" link. Then you should get a list of the top skis in that category. Clicking anywhere on the picture or text for that ski will bring you to the page with the breakdowns of the scores. Unfortunately this only seems to be set up for the skis that are in the magazine at the moment, I don't see any of the non-top 10 skis.
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Thanks, CI, but when I try that, all I get is a teaser overview of how the ski finder works, how the tests work. There's a box at 1 o'clock with red type links to each tease/overview, which then appear in the central box that occupies most of the page. There is no link/button to access the actual skis, let alone their break downs by individual score (which last season appeared in the upper right corner of each review page of the mag itself.) And yes, I've tried every single link on the page. I've tried both the U.S. and Canadian versions, BTW.

So I'm wondering if this is my computer (MacBook Pro) or software (OSX 10.4.11) or maybe I'm just not destined to see this stuff.
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See if any of these links work for you (I tested them on my MBP using 10.5 and Safari):

Men's Categories (click the Beginners/Intermediate/etc links):

Men's Short Radius Groomers:

If that doesn't work for you, there's gotta be something whacky going on with their servers (different cached copies or something).
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