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In the past I was sceptical of this system. I went to Snowcrest Ski Shop in Chicago and had the complete analysis done. I took my Dobermann 150 Aggressors that I felt I had dialed in to near perfection.
They put the shims into my boots and put me on their Ski Deck for testing. After a few adjustments we took the shims out. The difference was immediate. I wanted them back in.
This was always sold to me as a substitute for something. It's not. However it is the compliment to all the rest of the tools we use to balance the boots. To my way of thinking it neutralizes the ankle joint inside the boot. It allows even pressure on the bootboard without additional muscle use.
In my opinion, the "frosting on the cake" is the use of the Ski Deck to fine tune the system. I highly reccomend this process. Anyone in the Chicago area should drop in to Snowcrest and check it out. If you can't do that still find someone near you and explore this system.
I believe you can find it elsewhere on this site.