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80's ski gear - tyrolia 390's flexon comps etc

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New to this forum and just getting back into skiing after being away for a while and wanted some opinions on the safety of old bindings and equipment.

All from around 1984

Atomic AF91's 225cm Downhills (red) with Tyrolia 390rds white w/dayglowpink?

Dynastar SL's 203cm (racer stocks gold with the red vibe damper on tips) with Marker MR's

Raichle flexon comps, black w/dull red tongue.

Not much mileage on the stuff and no rust or corrosion.

I think the boots are fine, and I'd like to keep the 225's around for fun but what about the bindings? should I get new ones or ?

Appreciate your input.


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Up until a few years ago, I would have said to keep those Raichles going. There was quite a cult.

Now with Dalbello Kryptons (the new new Raichles), there is no need. And if you are really clinging to the old ways, there is Full Tilt (the new old Raichles). The Flexons are iconic, legendary boots. I raced in mine BITD. But the buckles suck and they have other issues that age is not kind to.

But still, if they fit and your wife is stoked to rock the Flexons...go for it.

I'd get new bindings. If you or your wife ever had an MCL/ACL injury, you wouldn't even be asking. No shop will touch bindings that old, except to remove them. BUT....

Those skis....nostalgia is fun, and I still take out my Kästle RX National Team RS skis every now and then, but if you are getting back into the sport after a long hiatus apparently (judging from that gear), there are ski/binding combos to be had that are very reasonable, safer, and easier to ski. Probably for not much more than buying a la carte bindings.

OR get a package for the whole set-up. And sell those Flexons on eBay for parts (pinheads like the tongues).
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Welcome to Epic. Sounds like you have some great clasic gear there! The gold Dynastar course SL is probably my favourite all time ski---of course, being 25 years younger and stronger then probably colors my feelings a little. The Flexon boots are another classic, so much so that they are still out there although under a couple of different names! If yours are still in good condition and the plastic hasn't got a little tired then you still have a well regarded design. I never managed to get a pair to fit and ski the way I wanted but thats just me. I still have a pair of Pre DHP downhill boards that I USED to be able to turn. I hope you enjoy getting back on your Atomics!
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+1 on a new set up.

So many good deals to be had that there really isn't a good reason to be skiing on gear that is 25 years old. I'd make a trip to couple of your local ski shops and take a look at some last year models. You'll be surprised at what you can get for around $300 to $400 for skis and bindings. Then take a look at some of last years boots. Another way to save a good $200 or less. In the end around $500 you can usually get a pretty solid set up for someone getting back in the game.

Internet can be a great tool also now days for gear. Though for someone who has been out of the game so long you need to educate yourself on todays technology to know your getting a deal.

Welcome back to the game and be careful of these crazy surf boards on snow.

P.S.: Since you skied in the mid 80's all your super bright color gear is back in style full force this year.
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Get some new Tyrolia bindings. The DHs will still rock. Slaloms, assuming you, being a former racer are using them as designed, are too limited in purpose. They require slalom race speeds to bend and are pretty touchy in the amount of force required to vary the turn size. The new more shapely skis are easy to vary turn shape via tipping angle and have a broader range of speeds with just as much performance.

If the boots still fit well and don't shatter when you give them a good whack due to plastic fatigue, I would keep them. On the other hand if your feet freeze in 1/2 an hour because they are two sizes too small, new ones would be better. My wifes old boots fell apart on her, luckily in the parking lot just after she put them on.

I suggest you tell us how fast you want to ski, what turn shapes you like best and what type of snow/ice surface you will spend most of your time on in another thread and get a short list of skis to demo. You can put Head SS speed and i speed, Atomic SX12 and PB12, Fisher WC SC and RC to the list to start off.
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Here is your modern set up now...


Mounted with these Markers...

And these to replace the Flexons...

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Thanks for all the great replies...

What specific bindings would be good replacements for my tyrolia 390rd's... I've never needed more than a 7 din setting for just fooling around on the 225's as I'm 5'11 and 165lbs.

Most of the bindings seem to be connected with a center piece. I doubt they would match up with the current mounting holes but who knows.


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After doing some research on this last year or the year before, I ended up getting some Tyrolia FF17 + bindings I'm pretty happy them. Din goes from 6 to 17, so you should be good to go. You will love the plate thingy, drill new holes if you have to. I here the FF18 racing binding has more metal and less plastic, but what's the point of having metal bindings that outlast the indemnity (like the 490s I'm going to replace one day on my old SGs)
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