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I checked out the Dynafit ZZeus today and it was pretty impressive, if pricey ($749). But as usual with AT boots, it's a trade-off. The ZZeus was clearly designed for the on-piste AT crowd, as the overlap cuff makes it very downhill oriented, but increases the weight over my ZZeros. I really like the ability to switch out between mountaineering/Vibram-like soles versus skiing soles, and I really like the ability to replace the soles when I trash them rock-climbing. If they could make the ZZeus a bit lighter, they'd have an AT boot that nothing else could touch. Oh, and the fact that my dog is named 'Zeus' doesn't hurt either.
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Tried on the zzeus last week, found the toebox wider than a comparably sized zzero, though the length seemed similar. also, the walk mode seems really weak compared to some of the other overlap cuff options. Really like the cuff, the swappable soles, and the weight savings over the BD stuff. That said, if I was going to put money down for a 1 quiver boot, it would be a BD. As it is I think the Radium will be a better fit for me.
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I just ordered a pair of ZZeus. Waiting for them to arrive. Replacing my Spirit 3s and now I'll have the ability to demo skis with alpine bindings, still use my Dynafit binders, and have good support on-piste. I'm psyched. I felt more comfortable getting these fitted to me than the BD Factors. I have a wide forefoot and the liner of the Dynafit unmolded seemed to have much more foam in there to compress/move and leave me space. The liner of the BD seemed really thin beside the ball of my foot and I was concerned I'd not have room when molded for my chubby feet. I also like the slightly lower cuff height in the Dynafits because its less likely to interfere with my knee braces. It also didn't hurt that Dynafit was willing to give pro-form pricing to Volunteer Ski Patrollers and BD is very firm in their restrictive pro-form dealings.

Now if they would just show up so I can get them molded and ski them. Oh, and we need some snow too.
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