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Need Snow

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Just got back from a very pleasant 9 day trip to Colorado. Skied Steamboat the first four days and then went to Summit County for the remainder where we skied Copper, Breckenridge and Vail.

Steamboat is in great shape folks with the most consistant base and snow conditions. Had a blast there as always.

Copper was very nice with all their terrain open although sparse in spots. Had some fresh when I skied there maybe 8" in the bowls over sunwarmed crust from the previous day. Hit fresh traks in Resolution Bowl and then over in the back where I took some awful core shots to my lovely B2's.

Breck was ok but in need of some major snow. Thin everywhere and Horseshoe was really gnarly.

Vail had some nice freshies when I was there and there was plenty of coverage especially out in the Back Bowls.

To get back to the topic though, Summit County conditions are at the best below average and in need of some major snow if they expect to make it thru the end of April.

Far different from the 5 feet of snow i got while there last February.
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You didn't go to Abase????

You're right, even though we've been seeing a regular pattern of snow every week, it's still not accumulating enough!!!!
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ski2xs, Was going to ski till noon there on the day we drove down to Denver but everyone was burned out. Seven days in a row is alot. They had 4" of fresh as we drove by going over Loveland Pass. Looked very inviting. Gonna have to wait till April I guess. Hope they get alot more snow.
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We're supossed to get pounded on Friday/Saturday with more predicted every day for the next week. I'll do my very best to try to get the snow levels up so April will ROCK! Mrs. Skicrazy says she has a personal "in" with Ullr. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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