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Greetings all video and photography types...

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Greetings! I too am afflicted with this expensive hobby often used only to record my other expensive hobbies.

I'm hoping this new forum will provide a dedicated place for us to share information on image-capture techniques, on cameras and gear appropriate to our windy, wet and freezing environment (snowsports) and would also like to see support for those of us who want to engage in Moving-GIF image creation (like Bob Barnes' cycling bump skier) and digital video processing which would include help on software selection (and use) as well as hardware appropriate to processing video (including movement analysis software). Montage creation would also fit here.

So - if you have video or photography questions, questions on image processing software and graphics creation, this is the place.

Be aware that this is NOT the place to discuss Snowsports Technique - even if a video or image shown or discussed here includes glaring craziness!

This place is about the creation and processing of such material and not the technique shown in said material. In fairness to anyone posting a video or image here for image-quality and image-framing feedback don't take it elsewhere for discussion of the 'Rightness' and 'Wrongness' of the subject's technique without the express written consent of its author!

That said, have at it! I for one hope to learn a lot here as I've been using a film camera for 30+ years and am only just now getting into the digital photography and digital video world.

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A big thanks to MichaelA, GarryZ, Rick, Kneale Brownson and the other members that work on the advisory committee who initiated teh concept and worked to develop and produce this forum.

This area is still a work in progress and if there are any suggestions on how to improve this area, feel free to let us know.
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