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General Boot Question

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Hey Folks:

There was a thread earlier today regarding old boots from the 90's still being good enough for todays skis that prompted my train of thought and probably a few dumb questions.

When shopping for boots a couple of years ago, the guy at a local shop offered me a Technica Icon (I think) fresh out of the box that was about 6 yrs old at the time at a substantially lower cost than new. I liked the fit and understood that it was considered a very good boot in its day, however ... had reservations, therefore ended up with a 2006 boot that I am very happy with.

I have the following questions regarding that particular situation.

a. Is there a shelf-life on ski boots ?
b. Is there a pre-set price drop percentage that a consumer should be aware of prior to purchasing older boots ? Ie: The boot was supposedly 699.00 new / offered to me for 300.00 six years later. (Seemed high)
c. Are there any guidelines that you can offer regarding purchasing older boots?

Please note that my area is not overflowing with boot-fitters, hence my questions to you folks.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

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As long as there isn't prolonged UV exposure (window display, color mismatch between boots), then shelf life isn't an issue.

Moisture/mold in the liner is worth thinking about depending on storage.

I would only buy them if they are the best fit/performance choice for you. Otherwise it's not much of a deal (amortize your "savings" over 100 days of skiing).
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a) not really. no UV, and no mosture = should be fineb) last years boots, (assuming that it is still not current) is 30% off 2-3 year = 50%. usually not much more then thatc) if it fits as well as the current version great. If it doesn't fit as well. remember the money you saved as your feet hurt. Not that older boots will cause pain, just that boots that don't fit (and bought on sale cuz they where a deal might)
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mntlion, jdistefa:

I appreciate the good advice.

Thanks and take care.


Kudos to the boot specialists ... until today, I never realized how many questions they get on a daily basis. Keep up the great work fellas.
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I agree with the guys above. but....

There are some gems out there which are like collectors items to some discerning skiers. One example was the old original Nordica Gran prixs. I know friends and elite athletes who skied in these boots for years because they were an exceptional design and skied so well. One of my friends used to scour garage sales and ski swaps looking for these boots in his size and would snatch them up if the shells were in good shape and hoard them until he needed another shell to replace his worn out ones. He would stuff any ole liner in them if needed, but he loved the shells.

This being said, I don't know that $300 for a boot that old, even new, is worth that price? Now if you could get a pair of Tecnica XT's from that era for $50 - $100 brand new, that would be a deal!
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Thanks for the advice Bud.

I obviously had reservations myself at the time and ended up going with something else.

Take care.

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