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Long, slender feet

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I've been searching for boots for several years with no luck. I've resorted to the fact I'm going to have to go see someone like Jeff Bergeron, but I'd like to find a boot that's somewhat close to fitting first.

I've been skiing in ancient Lange XRi's for years, simply because I can't find anything that fits as well (after many iterations of padding with art/craft foam to keep them snug).

The Comp 120 LF's (size 12) from a few years back seemed the closest. I tried the new Comp Pros, and those are looser in the ankle and heel.

What other boots should I try? The Salomon Falcons feel too loose. The Krypton Pro was sloppy. I probably need a 30 (possibly 29) shell that is narrow (95mm last?), extra tight in the heel, extra low instep, flexible enough for bump skiing, comfortable enough to ski in all day, not too much forward lean. Am I simply asking too much?

Me: 45 y.o., 6'2" 210 (heading back to 195 hopefully). Prefer bumps and off-piste terrain - ski primarily Mary Jane.

TIA for any ideas.

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1) Narrow last - i.e. racestock boot in softer/DH flex.

2) Foam liner.
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full tilt = narrower then kryptons (97ishmm)lange HP (98mm) or WC (96mm) will be good options too.maybe a Jr race boot if your feet where not 29's foam will help, but is colder then a stock liner. great fit if done right
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