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Use risers or not?

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I had been told once (but never really thought about it) that risers or "lift plates" were put on skis to raise the binding and thereby make it easier to put the ski on edge.

I mentioned this today to a friend and he state that the lift plates actually make it harder to get the ski edged as far. He said the only reason for risers were for racers trying to avoid booting out when severely angulated.

Is this the case? It makes sense to me, but I am often wrong about things that seem to make sense lol. I had been considering having lift plates put on my brand new Atomic R9's when they get here, but don't want to do anything that doesn't directly help me (and I don't have a problem with booting out due to being so far on edge, that's for sure).
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PhysicsMan could address this the best, but I'd say that that is untrue. Risers defintly make the ski easier to edge and they seem to give more leverage.
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Risers/lifts apply more leverage and make edging stronger. However, they also require more movement of the lower leg to edge.
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