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Marker Jester or Rossi/Look 14 ti

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I need to pull the trigger on some new bindings. Have tried to do the research and these are the two last standing. I have read where Jesters are light for a 16 din'r, but are they lighter/heaver than the Look/Rossi 14 ti's? Can't seem to find consistant weights on the two. FYI - They will be mounted to a 90 waist ski. I ski at 10 din, so I assume a 12 is cutting it kind of close? Just looking for some opinions from some of you in the know. Thanks guys.

PS I shouldn't admit this as it is irrelevent, but I have to say I kind of like the looks of the Markers - exposed springs and stubby toes are kinda industrial looking. Not thrilled about the price tag though.

Just want to make a smart choice. Thanks in advance for any input.
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Look bindings are the worst to get into while on steep terrain or in powder!! I hate them but they are cheaper than a lot of bindings out there. Unless you ski groomed all the time go ahead otherwise "look" elsewhere!
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I couldn't disagree more with ski=free. The Look heel dildo allows you to get the ski on by pulling up with your hands, which is a key alternative in circumstances (powder and steeps) where pressing down is most difficult. That's particularly true for folks like me and the OP, who set DIN at 10 -- it provides a lot more resistance when clamping in.

I haven't skied Jesters, but own a pair of Dukes. They're solid bindings. I'm not crazy about the exposed springs for durability and contamination reasons, although I understand the cosmetic appeal.

That said, I have zero pairs of Jesters sitting in my garage, but two pairs each of Rossi Axial2 14 Tis and Tyrolia d10 FF17s sitting in boxes. Those four pairs of bindings, combined, cost me about what a single pair of Jesters would.

I haven't skied the Axial2s yet, but I have 14-DIN Axials (old turntable style) on 99mm-wide Bros, without complaints. I have a pair of d10 FF17s on narrower skis, and Mojo 15s (basically the same bindings with different springs) on Praxis, and love them in those varied settings -- a very solid feeling clamp in, and I've had zero prerelease problems with either.

One other factor to consider is the brand of skis you're mounting -- not for technical reasons, but because most manufacturers double the warranty when you mount with an associated binding.
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I know it is not overly critical, but it is some part of my internal debate between the two; does anyone know the weight of the Axial2 140 and the Jester?
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Actually the heel piece on the rossi is designed to make it easier to get into and out of on steeps. The binding release works as a lever to help with entry. I would go with a rossi over a marker any day. They have better energy transfer to the edge of the ski.
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Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
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IIRC, 5.3 lbs. I have the 07 Rossi 14 Axial2 TI WB. Excellent positive engagement, solid feel with leading class travel and a “set it and forget it” DIN without a release [I ever experienced] without just cause. And as correctly pointed out…when in steep deep without much perch, get low, grab the heal tube and pull up to lock in. No experience with Jester although have heard many positives.
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Just ordered some Axial2 ti's WB 140's. Thanks to all. I really like the Jesters, but the cost difference and the "known" love of Look/Rossi's by so many was too much to ignore. Again, thanks to all!
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Good choice.
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Not a bad choice either way.
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