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Things i LIKE in skiing nowadays

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This one's easy....

1. Something all of our kids still like to do with us old parent types.

2. Sitting here in Salt Lake at Grandmas knowing that by tonight I'll be back in Eagle County, CO (If the snow's not great in Colorado, I've got other options).

3. When everone is complaining about "all this darn snow" I'm laughing my butt off.

4. Going to Ski Cooper 2 days after a dump and still finding plenty of freshies.

5. Coming over the top of a ridge, dropping over the other side with the undeniable sensation of flight!

6. Riding the chair lift in the absolute silence of a snow storm and marveling at the perfect snow flakes landing on your gloves.

7. Making noise when it feels good! Yahoo!

8. Skiing gracefully and knowing that it looks as good as it feels.

9. Hearing a round of woops and applause from the chair lift above when you totally nail a series of turns under the lifts.

10. Untracked fields of fluffy white just waiting for the first lucky soul to make her/his mark.
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1.The feeling of Looking up at a difficult run and knowing deep inside you skied it well.
2.Waking up to a blue bird day with 8" of fresh powder.
3. your days off are on those blue bird days.
4.Gathering at the end of the day for a Beer with your ski friends.
5. The aching burning muscles at the end of an "epic ski day."
6. Going for just one more run when you know you should be going home.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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1. The free rider movement and twin tip skis. Both have brought a lot of enthusiasm to the sport and made us reevaluate why we ski.

2. The scenary. After living in Chicago and Dallas after college it doesn't matter which ski hill I'm on out west, I am still awe-struck by the views.

3. New skis technologies that have managed to compensate for what aging has taken away.
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The leg burn at the end of a bump run knowing you did it in control and not caring how it looked.

Turning around at the end of a run down steep powder and seeing beautiful S 's and wondering did I do that?

The friends I've been with and met on the slopes and on this forum

Watching my friends kids come down the hill with a great big smile on their face.
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Hey thanks alot for posting this topic! Leave it to Finland for peacemaking!

Being able to enjoy such a wonderful sport in the winter doing something I love to do.

Simply being able to ski physically, and finacially. I have a brother with MD, and we have it great here in the Untied States being able to incorporate and enjoy so many forms of entertainment and recreation.


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What about when you and your friends are completely isolated and have an entire mountain to yourselves on a sweet bluebird day in the backcountry.
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things i like

-taking my boots off after an epic day
-being able to have easily accesible backcountry
-the view from the top of the rex chair at the top of crystal mountain
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The new synthetics that keep you warm and dry in the cold and wet.

High speed quads and shorter liftlines

Boots that fit

Affordable lift passes

Living 30 minutes from my home mountain (with night-skiing).

A winter storm advisory on the National Weather Service Forecast Page....

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the fact that i can get info on reorts and gear by typing on the keypad instead of dealing with salesman that blow smoke up your ***
easy access to resorts and activities at the resorts
the feeling of relaxing in a hottub after a an epic day
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Are are a few,

1. Having an epic day of skiing but having someone to share it with.

2. Watching your kids learn to ski and then learn to love skiing.

3. For at least some part of some day of some week, my only thoughs are, Should I turn there, over there or here, and not about work.

4. New ski technology.

5. Then fact that I have never met "expert beginner" but know that we have one this in common.

Later folks

ps. Expert Beginner great post. You should register.
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Not having to worry about skiing into a fjord at the end of a decent run....
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That no matter where I am - the local
knob with the manmade blowing in my face,
or This Year's "Best" Mountain - when I
get to the top and take a look around,
I feel damn lucky to have my health and
everything else that allows me to be so
fortunate as to be able to ski.
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1. Ripping up soft, big hero bumps on a sunny spring day with friends.

2. That 1/2 second in the middle of a turn where you can't see anything because of all the snow in your face.

3. That oh-so-rare (for me anyway) run where everything moves in slow-motion, the skis are doing all the work for you, your legs are on autopilot, everything is relaxed, and suddenly skiing is as easy and simple as breathing, and you're on top of the world.

4. That deep quiet and tranquility when ghosting through the trees where you can be in a resort with thousands of other people, yet feel like the only living soul within miles.<FONT size="1">

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1. Looking down a completely empty run then skiing side by side my husband and our two best friends. Those times I feel utterly content.

2. Eating lunch outside on a warm sunny day.

3. Finding a place by the fire on a cold day

4. Finding a close in free parking space.

5. Cheap season passes so you can actually get to ski as much as you can. Or going for just a couple of hours and then go snowshoe with my dogs.

6. Exercise that is FUN

7. The beauty of it all. I will never tire of the scenery and amazing vistas.

8. Hearing someone that I cannot see whooping and hollering.

9. Having a breakthru moment and being able to do it again.

10. When I have the courage to go off a small cliff. Read very small cliff.
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I've got to agree that twin-tips have added a lot of fun. Skiing the pipe. Landing switch.

Until this whole new-school movement came around I was feeling pretty maxed-out on learning. I had been skiing pow, dropping cliffs, ripping bumps and throwing the same old tricks for years. Now I'm way behind in new-school and have a lot to learn. That's got me way excited about skiing again. There's nothing like coming away from the mountain after doing something you've never done before.
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Things I love about snow skiing:

1. The feeling while in mid air after a jump.

2. A perfectly carved arc left in fresh snow.

3. Meeting lots of snow bunnies (being a model scout seems to enhance this experience).

4. Almost loosing it, but somehow holding on by the skin of your teeth.

5. Improving.
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Accentuate the postive and eliminate the negative. This whole post has got me smiling and thinking about the many days.
1. Climbing to the top of a mountain you and your buddies and noone else on top and dropping in for the ride of your life.
2. Untracked Powder!!!!!
3. Happy people loving life.
and of course
4. Taking the boots off at the end of a long day and having a cold beer in the lot waiting for you.
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High speed quads and sixers

Colorado Cards

Fat skis

Favorite stool at the Gin Mill for apre Ski with good friends.

Lake effect powder dumps, getting one right now!

Relatives with condos at ski areas.

Epic Ski, although my Wife is getting tired of me spending so much time on here.

jokes, I just got a pair of skis for my wife, I'm gonna miss her!

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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All of the above , plus powder pillows ,the sound snow flakes make when hitting yor shell, the feeling I get while driving up to MRG in a raging storm at night knowing that the morning is going to be EPIC , and the silence of the woods in the winter. <FONT size="1">

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Big silly knowing grins in the lift line.
In the middle of a storm.

let it SNOW!!
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Oh ya , how could I forget . The sound of Avi bombs going off while your waiting for the chair to start loading , oh ,oh ,and , and being 1st in that line . Oops , I better stop now for I am starting to get all misty eyed .
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I enjoy:

1: the fact that skiing technology is developing wondeful skiis for any condition.

2: the pleasure of knowing that not everyone can ride a mountain, thus the enjoyment of "getting away from it all," and "being one with the mountain."

3: the friendly, good looking lift operators (yikes!)

4: deep, fluffy powder that have no tracks in them

5: long underwear
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as expert beginner said perhaps its time to remember all the things we DO like about skiing. Re-reading what I said before still stands [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Lars, I guess things were better last year?
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Thanks Kima,

new one for me. The satisfaction of a well taught lesson.

stopping to help someone knowing that I have something to offer even if it's just a smile and hello.
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Collapsing onto the bench in the SS locker room just knowing that the lesson shared was worth more than the tip but thats okay because I was out there in the mountains for another day.

Duty free whiskey.

Meeting the same "ski people" in different places at different times and feeling like it was just yesterday.

Flying without wings.

Meeting "real" people with "real" stories everyday.

nailing a hip check on steep ice and living another day.

Oh and these sexy new skis that turn by themselves.


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The electric anticipation of finally driving up to Teton Village at the beginning of your ski trip after 25hrs on the road.

That big full breath you take at the top of the mountain to begin your run.

Having the uncontainable joy of skiing burst out of your mouth with no thought or self-conciousness.

Being in love with the harshest season Mother Nature offers.

Sharing one of the most beautiful activities on earth with friends and loved ones.

The raw and immediate energy of mountains.

That half held breath and quiet feeling in your head when you catch bigger air than you expected.

Perma-grin from powder bliss.

I think this list is probably endless, what a great topic to think and write about.
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EB great post, here are a few of mine:

Freedom of expression. Ski fast or slow, catch big air or not, skid a huge rooster tail or rip a clean arc; it’s your choice and your smile.

Free skiing, earn your turns. The solitude of shoeshoeing or skinning in with our dogs and close friends, dropping in untracked powder, taking blind and suffocating faces shots with every turn, and piling in the back of your buddy’s pick-up for another epic lap.

Cheap season pass, at least here in Colorado.

Hut to hut and lunch on the trail.

The epic yard-sale, to remind us we are all mortal.

And it’s WAY more fun than sitting on the couch.

Can’t wait to get back out there again! Another needed storm is rolling in out West.

And how can you forget legendary Warren Miller to get us through those long summer days!

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skier-only areas

boarders who know how to ride

skiers who don't brag about how good they are

areas without smokers, or at least don't allow smoking in the lodge

family/homey areas

low ticket prices

friendly area employees

helpful skiers & riders

courteous people

people having fun in the snow
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Wow, I am really enjoying this post. Here are the reasons why I enjoy skiing so much:

1. Waking up early on a powder day to the guns going off.

2. The views.

3. Friendships formed with complete strangers on the lifts.

4. Blinding Face Shots.

5. Cheesy movies like Hot Dog and Aspen Extreme.

6. Great movies like TGR flicks.

7. That warm feeling in your face after skiing on a cold day. Makes your cheeks red.

8. Making fun of one-piece suits.

9. When skiing, I can think about absolutly nothing else, only skiing.

10. Knowing that I live in the best ski town that ever existed, and that I am glad that I moved here. (can be applied to any ski town, not just mine)

11. Utah snow.

12. Knowing that another season is on its way.

Hey everybody, enjoy your turns, I know I will enjoy mine.
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