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Adult in Junior Boots?

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I'm on the hunt for a new pair of boots, and just wanted to know if any of you had experience in fitting (or personally) a MALE adult in a junior boot?

I was lucky enough to get fitted by Lou from the forum here - He sure knows his stuff and makes it so much easier!

He recommended a couple boots (24.5):
- Tecnica Race Pro 110
- Tecnica Race Pro 90 (Junior)

I've put my particulars below, but wondered your thoughts on getting into a junior boot vs an adult. Seems like women go this route but havent heard Men doing it.

I wondered how the 90 Junior would compare to the 110 adult. From the website (and in person) looks very comparable, except for lower cuff and obviously the flex rating.

I know you cant compare flexes across manufacturers but can you compare a junior 90 to an adult 110? Just dont want to get something I'll be regretting - too soft.

I tried on the 90 and felt okay? flex wise, but will try the 110 to compare.

I guess the one big reason to go junior is price, although I dont want to go cheaper and sacrifice performance.

My skiing:
-zipper line bumps, steep backside, glades, balance between power and technique, not a pro but like to charge
-sz 6 ft, EE width in mid foot, squarish toe box, small heel & ankle, small lower calf, 5'4" @160lbs

Cheers, Jeff
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I put people in Jr boots regularly. they are softer, usually narrow(er), 40% off.

down side: softer, and lower end liners, buckles, etc.

if they fit right, and flex right, (and with Lou I'm sure they are) buy em
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^^^hat he said. Sometimes with a smaller foot, it works great- if you don't flex out the boot.

At an EE width- I'm not sure off hand of a good Jr. boot in this width.
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describing your skiing and size, I my first thought is the junior 90 flex may be too soft?

You have found a good fitter! DON'T SECOND GUESS HIM. If he leads you astray we will take care of him
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So I had a chance to try the RacePro 90s on in a 24.5 (proper size) and the RacePro 110s on in a 25.5 to compare the flex of the boots:

Flex felt quite comparable, certainly 90s felt stiff enough for my tastes.

Peculiar thing though - the 90s almost "felt" stiffer on original impression than the 110s..? You can tell the cuff is lower on the shin, and felt like I had less to push against to flex. I would have thought that a higher cuff (all else equal) would have made it feel stiffer not less stiff due to leverage or loss there-of. No biggie -just didnt expect that.

That's when I started focussing on the tongue/cuff/liner. The tongue felt alot more "natural" on the adult 110s opposed to the junior 90s. Perhaps its what I'm more accustomed to more than anything?

The junior tongue, when I flex on it, gives feedback (pressure) on a very specific point on my shin - perhaps 1/2" to 1" high all the way across the shin near the top of the liner. The specifc pressure is not painful - not yet anyways, but just noticable to me as a unique feeling. Where as the adult 110 tongue gives a nice even distribution and interfaces with my whole shin area so I can feel my whole shin flex the boot as opposed to a single part.

I ski with an old ('00ish) vintage Tecnica TCR with a tecnica foam injected liner now and shell size? says 6-7.5 (too large of shell). Tongue feels alot more similar to the race pro 110 than junior 90.

Looking at the liner it seems the jr90 is thinner all around and certainly the tongue doesnt seem as beefy as the 110, and it doesnt feel like it wraps around my whole front shin.

Lou suggested I try on a zipfit liner and will definetly give that a try when I get a chance. They seem to have fairly good reviews, although the tongue looks quite "weak" with no rigid plastic on the front of it.

Just wondered your thoughts on my impressions of the tongue. I dont really know too much about this, but now that I'm started down the road I want to learn as I go along in the process.

Certainly relying on Lou's advice paramount as he can see what's going on. Cant believe I've been riding so long without the aide of a great fitter...

Cheers, Jeff
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