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All the 12's ???

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So whats the diff. between the 4FRNT Deadbolt 812, 612, and 412 bindings? I just got the 412 bindings. Evogear says they are sold out of this model and that its the 2008 model.
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That should be 412, 614 and 816. Those are the Vist produced Deadbolts in DIN ranges 4-12, 6-14 and 8-16 respectively.

This years Deadbolts are produced by Tyrolia and are called DBLT12 (3.5-12), DBLT15 (5-15) and DBLT 18 (8-18).

Which raises the question, what makes a binding a Deadbolt? The Vists are quite obviously Vists and the Tyrolias are unmistakably Tyrolias. So what does 4FRNT add to the mix that makes them both Deadbolts? Don't ask me (or you might get a cynical answer).
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