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Feathering Base Bevels

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I am looking at experimenting a little with a graduated or feathered base bevel. Something like a .75 to 0.5 on my SL skis and may a 1.0 to .75 on my GS.

Are there any general guidelines on doing this? Would one do it in thirds of the length?

Stupid idea or waste of time?
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1/4 of one degree? Can't even imagine you'd notice that.
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Actually, Stockli does there skis this way. They recommend 1/2 deg under foot (about 24") and then feathered to 1 deg each way. Figure around 3-4" at 3/4 degree. The goal is to get the most bite underfoot but not be overly responsive and unstable.
I have foun there to be a noticable difference between a 1/2deg base and 1 deg base but I'm not sure if I would notice a 1/4 deg difference.
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I have tried the graduated base bevel idea and decided it was not for me. it was awkward felling in that it seem to creat uncomfortable additional pressure under foot.

I have had good luck with slightly more base bevel (very slightly in the tips and tails (maybe 2-3" towards center from the contact points if I found my skis too grabby in the tips 7 tails. this can also be helpful should you have some concavity in teh bases in the tip and tail as most base bevlers would under bevel in the cancave areas.

Also had Stockli slaloms that supposedly came from factory this way.

keep in mind going from a .5 to a .75 is a 50% increase in base bevel. Yes you can feel it.
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Originally Posted by billyymc View Post
1/4 of one degree? Can't even imagine you'd notice that.
The funny thing about imagination is how much experience can influence it. Try it.

My opinion is about the same as A-mans. I do the same thing. Another reason why you may find some utility in what A-man suggests is that some machine made bevels disappear near the contact points due to limitations of the machine, even if the tip and tail aren't concave.
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An excellent skier I know, a former freestyle competitor, likes .75° base bevel feathered to 1° toward the tips & tails for his local West Coast snow. 1° is more common for this wet snow, but the feathered base bevel is his preference...I'll try it the next time I get the skis stone ground. This feathered base bevel is becoming the modern equivalent of the old practice of dulling the tips & tails on our old straight skis.
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