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Me and one of my old ski buddies from college did one last day at Sunday River this sat. This is the third or fourth year we've gone up in mid-april for one last day. This year, not much was open, just the Barker Mtn quad and 20 trails. Still we had a blast and it was easy to keep track of how much we skied since we skied the lift over and over and over again.

We ended up doing 28 laps. I was going for 40K vert; may not sound like much but for a 44yearold fart skiing in spring glop, I think that's pretty good. Anyway, I found out the lift was only 1400' vert, not 1500' like I has thought so we only did 39200' vert.

The length of the lift is 4950'. I added that up and we ended up riding 26.25 miles, greater than marathon length. I thought about riding a chair lift from all the way from Hopkinton to Boston (Marathon route) since I live pretty close to there. Seems pretty sick when you think about it, riding a chair lift that long, and skiing longer.

We skied all the trails that were open. Agony is the same distance as the lift but the other trails are probably between 10% and 40% longer. We also hiked a bit to get to some trails that weren't open. So, we must have skied in excess of 30 miles.

I think we're going to make this a tradition; ski one day of Patriot's Day-* weekend and count the lift length and not stop until we make marathon distance.

Not a bad way to wrap up the season. The IPAs on the deck after changing into jeans and a t-shirt weren't bad either.



Next year, I'm also not stopping 800' short of 40K vert.

*- Patriot's Day is a Massachusetts state holiday that's always a Monday in mid-april; the Boston Marathon is run on that day.