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Women's skis - intermediate 5'0, 105 lbs

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I just ordered the Nordica Olympia Speedmachine 8 in size 22.5 and should receive them soon. Looking at skis/bindings now and trying to decide what to get. I've been skiing since 2005, primarily in the East Coast (NY, VT), started doing blues early this year, and some easy blacks in small mountains.

I've done some research online and the following seems to be good for my stage/size.

Nordica Olympia Drive (146)
Volkl Attiva Luna (142)
K2 One Luv (142)
Atomic Cloud 8 (144)
Atomic Cloud 9 (144)

I am 5'0, about 105 lbs. Likes to ski relatively slow-medium speeds, and some moguls. Not sure if it makes a difference to get the same brand of boots and skis (maybe the technology works better together?). I also read that the K2s then to be heavier and longer. The Atomic Cloud 9 was rated best in groomers by Ski Press so I'm not sure if it works as well if I go out West or do other types of skiing. Also not sure if I should take size into consideration given the sizes don't differ that much. (These are all the smallest sizes they make).

I would appreciate all your insights! I would love to demo these skis but I live in NYC and we only have one ski store left now in Manhattan.
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Hi - Olympia Drive is a very nice ski for an intermediate, will grow with you as you become advanced. One Luv is nice, but pitched somewhat lower, both in demands and performance; you might think about the Lotta. Both of these will be smooth, forgiving, and fairly damp. Haven't heard much about the Volkl Attiva Luna, but all the Attivas are middleweights, strong and grippy, like speed. Would think you could go up a notch. My wife started skiing a unisex Volkl 5* in 161 (weighs in the high 120's) when she was a straight intermediate, so you might look at the Attiva Fuego. Last year's Blizzard Emocion 7900/this year's Viva 7.6 IQ is a great intermediate-advanced multi-purpose that will ski lighter than a Volkl, but with as good (or IMO) better grip and smoothness. A lot of women seem to like Fischer skis, think about the Breeze. Skis like Fischers and Solomons generally weigh less than the others I've mentioned, will give you more snow feel and minor deflection at the tip in return for quicker, easier to hold carves. So much of your choice is not about finding a "good" ski (they all are), but finding a ski that you like for its feel and handling characteristics. Note also that all the skis I'm suggesting are in the 74-79 mm waist range; these can still carve really well, but are wide enough to handle moderate crud or light pow. Most like bumps. Versatile width.

Main point, though, is that your chosen lengths seem short; remember that female-specific skis assume smaller bodies. If you're already doing easy eastern blacks, think you'll prefer lengths in the 150's (second increment up from shortest) across the board for their stability.

Suggest you go to Ski Diva on the web for excellent advice, our own Trekchick is a major resource; if she doesn't respond soon you could PM her...Good luck!
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Well, now, I have little experience on the skis you have listed, with the exception of the Nordica, which is a very nice ski in that range.
I have heard rave reviews form SkiDivas who've demoed the Volkl Attiva Luna, though I have not demoed it myself.

Another you may really want to add to your short list to demo should include the Blizzard Viva G3IQ, which is 70 in the waist with a nice shape and targeted to the intermediate who wants to carve the front side and bust crud/chop.

I'm hoping to see more of the Hart Desire, because I skied its unisex ski out west and loved it, but I'm not sure where you can find that just now. I'll do some checking.

As for your boots, as long as you have well fitted boots, you should be able to demo skis and find what you like with no problem. The Ski World is your Oyster............go play!!
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Oh, and Beyond is right, the 140's cm range of skis may suite you but I'd go the next size up IMHO.
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My wife skied the Lotta Luv last year and made HUGE gains.. She is about your size 5'3"- 110lbs and intermediate as well.. Get something that you can grow into over the next two or so years.. Either 146 or 153 should suit you just fine.. Good all mtn womens ski....
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Krystle, My wife skis the K2 One Luv. She is close to your weight and size. We ski mostly CO. resorts. There is no way i can take that ski away from her. Tried to get her on wider but will have nothing to do with them. Her level is upper intermediate. Very good and graceful skier; can do all blue/black groomers, will do some bumps but not her fav. She claims they are a very forgiving ski that no manner if you carve or skarve they are very obedient. Ms. cajun highly recommends them!

As 1SDSKIER mentioned above, I tried to get her on the Lotta Luv. I would think this ski would be more friendly in most all conditions.
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You have exactly the same problem my wife did trying to find skis...
She is 5'2" and 100lbs...
We ski in Colorado...
She is an advanced skier...
Nordica Speedmachine 10 23.5 for boots...
I think being so light in weight makes the intermediate skis perform at a higher level or at least have a larger performance envelope ...just MHO
We ended up getting her the Nordica Olimpia Drive in 146cm...
After just an hour or two of skiing them...
She had that look of sheer joy....
She has now had them in everything from steeps, moguls, groomers, crud, spring corn...never a problem...
We are going to get her a fat ski after the first of the year..to compliment this one...
Based on her response with these skis, you will love them...they seem to be forgiving, but have tons of performance in them...

Go here ...they have the exact size you are looking for, NEW, with bindings, for an incredible price...

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Thanks for all your feedback. I went to a local ski shop in Westchester over the weekend and looked at some skis. I think I've narrowed it down to either the Nordica Olympia Drive or the K2 One Luv.

Here are my pros and cons for each. Please let me know if they seem valid:

Nordica Olympia Drive
Pros: Good overall reviews. My boots are Nordica so I'm hoping there might be synergies. I saw these online for around $350 including the bindings.
Cons: The front end is more rounded than the K2. Not sure if this means it is less streamlined.

K2 One Luv
Pros: Smaller (142) than the Nordica (146). I've only done max 140 before so I'm a bit worried it would be too awkward to have significantly longer skis. Maybe it's psychological but it seems that the more tapered front end is easier to maneuver than the rounded Nordicas. Don't really remember how it was when I skiied.
Cons: The size 142 only comes with this year's model so it would be at least $600 if I buy this year's model. If I do last year's model, it would be $350 but it would be used. I'm worried it would be really heavy and be hard to move around or hurt when I'm on the lift. Not sure what my ideal weight is. On the other hand though, it could also turn out to be really stable when I ski.
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You would be able to handle the 146 Olympia Drive no problem...
Did you check out the link I posted...
New, with bindings $340.00 plus shipping...
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Sounds like you have a good local shop with the skis you want. A bird in the hand, as they say,........
If I were you, I'd go get that Olympia Drive and report back with how big your smile is when you get them on the snow!!!
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Originally Posted by krystle920 View Post

I've done some research online and the following seems to be good for my stage/size.

Nordica Olympia Drive (146)
Volkl Attiva Luna (142)
K2 One Luv (142)
Atomic Cloud 8 (144)
Atomic Cloud 9 (144)

I would appreciate all your insights! I would love to demo these skis but I live in NYC and we only have one ski store left now in Manhattan.
One word, three times really really loud....DEMO, DEMO, DEMO!!!! and stop by the theskidiva.com of course.

I scoured the internet, read magazines and asked for opinions. I found that after I demo'd I purchased a totally different ski than I thought I would have initially. Because of previous bad choices I had to learn to ease up off the trigger and get out there and demo as many skis as I could before whipping out the plastic. I know it's hard pushing back that desire but for me it was the best thing I could have ever done.

Here's a demo day that's only a few weeks away at Hunter. I'll bet Windham and Belleayre have them too if you check their websites.

Consumer Demo Weekend
December 13 & 14, 2008
On December 13 & 14, 2008, Hunter Mountain will be the place to be to "test drive" the newest gear from the major manufacturers in the ski industry. Reps will be on location with hundreds of pairs of skis and snowboards for you to try.
You must be 18 or older to demo equipment, or have your parent or guardian sign the liability release. You'll also need a picture ID and a major credit card for deposit.
The Demo registration booth will be located inside the main lodge at starting at 9:00AM.
If you like what you've tried and want to buy them, ask the rep for a $50 off coupon towards your purchase of a ski/binding or a snowboard/binding package in our Expeditions and Sports Center, located downstairs in the Base Lodge!

(Ask for Frank D.)

The following manufacturers are scheduled to be at Hunter Mountain:
Salomon Skis
· Atomic Skis
· Dynastar Skis
· K2 Skis
· Nordica Skis
· Rossignol Skis
· Fischer Skis
· Goode Skis
· Line Skis
· Volkl Skis
· Head Skis
· Marker Bindings
· Burton Snowboards
· Ride Snowboards
· Salomon Snowboards
· K2 Snowboards

This of course is just my opinion, based on my own experiences.

Good luck in whatever you decide and I hope you love your new skis as much as I do mine!!!
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Keep in mind that at your size, you can always consider high-end kids stuff (boots especially, but bindings and skis too). Its often much less expensive than the womens version and the "equipe" or "race" level stuff is typically equal in quality. YMMV
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