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I have a dilemma

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I get out of college for the christmas break on december 12th and have an opportunity to go ski for 4 or 5 days before christmas. I want/need to stay somewhere somewhat cheap. Im 21 years old but I know the rental car people do not like renting cars to people under 27 which hampers me. I was planning on just waiting till it got closer to see where the good snow is since its early but Im scared that if I do that everything in my price range will be booked up. Any suggestions?
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what dilemma ?
you can catch a cab from slc airport to some place in slc and ride the bus up to alta/bird or you can take a bus or ski shuttle to summit county and ride the summit bus from breck to stone to abasin to copper(i have done this myslef many times).
no guarrantees theyll have great snow, but thats anyones dilemma; theyll all be open mid-dec.
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Before christmas is usually an easy time to get lodging. I would wait and look for the snow.
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Originally Posted by Harry_Morgan View Post
Before christmas is usually an easy time to get lodging. I would wait and look for the snow.
this is true also. that early in dec., youll get a great deal if you want to look around. no one's at 100% then.
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Yeah, no need to commit right now, but if you can get to Chicago here's a cheap option: Take the California Zephyr (Amtrak train) to Winter Park, CO. The train will drop you off a half mile from the Rocky Mountain Inn and Hostel. Walk over there and check into your dorm room (~$20/night) use the free shuttle to get to and from the mountain. RMIH is a way cool hostel with a killer kitchen. It's right across the street from a Safeway so you can eat on the cheap too.
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I'm 24 and have been renting cars from Enterprise since I was 22. If there's a 27 and under rule, I never heard about it.

For cheap lodging, try www.couchsurfing.com. Really cool people who are all about hooking up fellow travelers with free place to stay. If you come to Colorado, you could always crash in Denver at my place. PM me if your interested.
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