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Free time, where to ski?!

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We're coming to Colorado for four weeks over New Years, first to Breck and Vail then at the end to Keystone. We have a gap of about two weeks unscheduled, though. And are willing to go to Utah or Steamboat or even Lake Tahoe. Any suggestions on a hot spot for us to fit in our schedule? Any place we cannot miss?

Tks a lot!
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What level of skiers are you, and what type of terrain do you like to ski?

With that amount of time, there's lots of possibilities. You might think of a road trip to Jackson and Utah. But it is a haul -- Jackson is 500 miles from Summit County, and Utah is around 400.

Closer to your base, a week in Aspen is well worth it.

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With that much time and apparently, money, go wherever your heart desires.....NOT where someone tells you to go!!

Where do YOU want to go??
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Sorry, I definitely left out some essential information- I am on a budget! Also, I have an epic pass, so ideally, heavenly would be a good option, however, Id like to get to see the snow in Utah. Or Telluride, or Steamboat... I don't know.
Im an intermediate skier and my boyfriend is an advanced/ black diamond.... I feel Jackson Hole could be a little intimidating for me... and being from Brazil (we get zero snow), I want to make the most of these vacations! Anyway, tks for any input on this.

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Here's the problem with Heavenly -- it is about 1000 miiles from Breckenridge, so it will take you 2 days to drive from CO to Heavenly -- each way.

With the Epic pass, you've got access to 5 ski areas -- A Basin, Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek. I'd think about spending most of your time there. There is plenty of terrain to keep you busy. If I were you, I'd start at Vail or Beaver Creek, as it is lower in altitude than Breckenridge. The base of Breck is at 9,700 feet, which is pretty high for folk coming from Brazil.

I'd look at spending a week in Aspen. You can find relatively inexpensive lodgings if you look and search the forum here. But there are 4 ski areas (although not sure Buttermilk would fit your profile).

You might also consider 3-4 days in Steamboat, which has good intermediate skiing.

All of this will not require driving more than 100 miles from your base in Summit/Eagle County.

If you want to explore further afield, then you might consider a road trip to Salt Lake, but that is a 400 mile drive one way. Lodging is inexpensive in SLC, and you can hit Alta, Brighton, etc. Snowbird might be a bit intimidating for an intermediate, but there is accessable terrain at the Bird.

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One question then: Once we already have the Epic pass, do you think it would be cheaper to fly and stay in South Lake Tahoe, Rather than taking a bus and paying for lifts and accommodation in Utah? Are there other budget places to stay in Utah, besides SLC? ... closer to the mountains?

Thanks again
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Here's the thing, Heavenly has kind of a strange layout and seems to be most skier's least favorite of the major Lake Tahoe areas. You would probably be better off saving the travel money it would take to get you all the way to California and take a road trip in Colorado. North to Steamboat, Aspen... south to Durango, Wolf Mountain, Telluride,... a bit farther south to Sante Fe and Taos New Mexico.
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I'd stay in Colorado and explore a little. Try some of the smaller ski areas. You could go down the road from Vail to Ski Cooper. You could ski at the area and your boyfriend could cat ski. You might also try Monarch, a nice little area with fun cruisers for you and some serious terrain in the Mirkwood bowl or cat skiing for your boyfriend. Both are relatively inexpensive and Salida (by Monarch) is a really cool small town that is not at all touristy like the Summit region is. It is only about a 2 hour drive and the scenery between Summit County and Salida is spectacular. Also, Crested Butte is not too far (about 1 1/2 hours) from Salida. It has some fun blue cruisers and some very serious steep for the boyfriend.
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I don't know. I like Heavenly. And wouldn't pass up the opportunity to ski it "for free"!

The "travel money" can be squeezed, perhaps in exchange for a bit more time on the road. Or, you may get lucky and find some cheap fare from Denver to Reno. Problem solved.
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Summit and Eagle County are going to be our base, once we have the epic pass and already got some good lodging deals over there...

We'd love to go to Telluride, Wolf creek and other less crowded places in Colorado, it just seems a little difficult (and expensive) to get there without renting a car.. is there a greyhound bus to Telluride?

Maybe we should wait for mid December conditions before booking anything... and even keep one week unscheduled for a last minute decision based on snow conditions, weather, rates and prices...

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Thanks, Ill consider more time in Colorado then, and Ill take into account that some do really like Heavenly as well! Anyway, would considering using a Greyhound bus instead of driving be a silly idea or perfectly reasonable? I mean, we could try to drive to all these places but the gas and parking would maybe make up for the bus fare, no?
Ill look into the locations mentioned, thanks a lot!

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Guys, Heavenly is awesome! Just got to layout your plan well (don't wander around everywhere in one day). I skied 5 days there and wasn't even close to bored, and it only skied the LAST day (and I got first tracks on my first 3 runs hehe). January is a huge snow dump month in Lake Tahoe. Crowds weren't too bad-- the Nevada side has much shorter lines.

Then again, I'm from NY so I'm not used to these "big" mountains. But Heavenly > Squaw for your level of skiers.
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Originally Posted by TransRocky08 View Post
ThanksAnyway, would considering using a Greyhound bus instead of driving be a silly idea or perfectly reasonable? I mean, we could try to drive to all these places but the gas and parking would maybe make up for the bus fare, no?
Not silly at all.

But really, you basically need to price compare all 3 options (car/bus/plane). Depending on deal you find, there's no fix rule as which one is cheaper.
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Ski Utah/See Moab/Ski Telluride

We're planning on going to Utah after two weeks in Summit County and from there head on to Moab for a couple of days. From Moab, we want to go back to skiing some more in Telluride!
Any tips on getting from Salt Lake City to Moab and from there to Telluride? Cheap/nice places to stay and things to do? Is it a comfortable drive? Has anyone done this?


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I don't think public transit is going to work for that route. You will need a car.

Form SLC, you drive south through Provo to Spanish Fork, then take US 6 through Price to Green River. Head east on I70 about 20 miles if my memory is right, then south about 30 miles to Moab. Definitely worth it -- plan on visiting both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. You might want to do some mountain biking -- Moab is one of the mountain biking capitals of the world. It's an interesting drive, but you should plan on spending several days making it to see the amazing geology.

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We'll definitely rent a car for that, could we drive it all the way to Telluide at the end? Durango, maybe?
Its gonna be mid January, though, Im not sure about the weather.
Also, any suggestions on places to stay once there?
Tks so much again!
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I have driven to and from Grand Junction, CO and Moab a few times. It's an easy drive and shorter than Salt Lake City to Moab.

If your hanging out around Durango and Telluride, you might consider dipping down to Taos in New Mexico from there.
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It certainly is doable in winter. If I were you, I'd plan on spending a night in Moab and catching Arches, Dead Horse State Park, and the northern end of Canyonlands. You can then head south to Blanding, catch the mid-section of Canyonlands. You might even go on down to Mexican Hat, then drive through the Monument Valley (famous from its use in many Westerns). Then you can drive the easy way to Cortez, and up over Lizard Head Pass to T-Ride. Probably 4-5 days minimum to really take in the locale, with a fair bit of hiking in there as well.

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Cool! We'll take note of these routes, nice.

So, once we leave Utah and head on to Telluride - is that an ok drive? How long?

Also, is it worth it to leave Telluride to be in Wolf Creek for a couple of days? Any tips for accommodation there?

Finally, do you know how easy it would be to go from Telluride/ Wolf Creek to summit county ? - we're spending three nights in Keystone at the end of our stay.

Several days of our stay have not yet been fully planned, thus our considering all these places. We really appreciate all of your suggestions, tks a lot!

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