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Mounting my PE's

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I was given a pair of last years PE's in exchange for some work for a local shop, they also included a set of Marker Griffin bindings. I am 5'10" and weigh 195lbs, and the boards are only 169. I'm sure I would have been better off with 179 but I am not going to go back and tell them that this wont do. My question is should I mount them in the middle or in the back position? I ski in Quebec and Vermont, mostly steep runs in the trees or the bumps if I am north of Montreal. I should also add that I am 47 so there is no chance of me ever going into the park.

Thanks for all your help.
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Then don't even think about mounting them forward. PE's run long too so a 169 isn't so bad.
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They may run long, but they ski pretty short. I'm about the same size and had the 179 and they felt short at times. I think the 169 is way too short for you and you should give or sell them to someone better suited to the length.

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I can't imagine you being happy on such short sticks. The ski short and they don't run all that long when you consider the turned up tail. I'd really recommend getting the 179.
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1) 169's are going to be retarded on you

2) mount them at 0 to +2cm from the rearmost mounting point
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You know, I was thinking of the 174's you guys are right. That will be short. 179 is the obvious length but 174 isn't bad.
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I am your height minus 30lb and I think they should make a 184 or a 189 PE but ski the 179. 169 in that ski is really short.
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I must admit, I am 5'10" 150 and ride the 179 at +2.5, I would consider selling the 169's and getting a ski that fits you.

If you must ride these, do not mount forwards at all.
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I'm 5'10" 190-205 very athletic, 179 is perfect for me. I ski a lot of tight places and zipper line type stuff. Any longer than 179 wouldn't help me at all. Maybe if I was gs skiing or wide open type skiing but for me 179 is perfect.
What do people think the 179 PE is lacking that they want a longer ski?
They only time I want a really long ski is powder bowls and hucking stuff. But I ski the east mostly so I don't want to be limited. Not too many people zipper linning on 185- 190 boards.
Now I'm sure i'll get a ton of responses to how they zipper line on 205's etc.. Bottom line pro bump skiers use "short" skis in the 170's to low 180's.
174 and 179 may be easy to ski it doesn't mean you gaing much from going longer. what is to be gained please tell me.
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I have the 179cm mounted boot center. I don't do the park. As an all mountain ski, I think they ski short. I wish mine were longer. For me at ~6ft, 205#, they ski moguls pretty nicely.

A 169cm for you seems pretty short. I'm thinking mount them back (-3) from the center mark.

Probably better to sell or trade up.

You could probably pick up a set of 179's for $100 or so?
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Originally Posted by ski=free View Post
What do people think the 179 PE is lacking that they want a longer ski?
It just lacks a bit of beef that is all, it is a great ski, but it is what it is. A sheet of metal would go a long way in my opinion.
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