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Gettin back on skis

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I started out skiing many years ago, and switched to a board about 6 years ago and have been on a board since. This year I am looking to get back onto skis- I am looking for a ski that is very versatile. I spend about 40% of my time on groomed runs, 40% on bumps, and 20% in the parks. I am an advanced male skier (7-8 on the scales), 5'9" about 140lb. I'm assuming that I want an all-mountain ski, but i'm split between twin tips or no twin tips. Planning on hitting a mogul camp sometime soon as well. 98% of the time, i ski in Colorado. Any ideas?
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Try telemarking. Closer to surfing and boarding than skiing. Carve big turns, yes.
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Welcome back from the darkside

Pick up one of the Sept. issue's of a ski magazine and read about the new skis. I believe one of the Dynastars get's good marks as a bump ski as well as being a good all-mountain ski. Problem is finding a good ski about 160cm.

Oh yea, 5'9" and only 140lbs, man you better start eating or you'll get blown off the hill by the winds. lol

BTW welcome to EPIC...
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Try to stay forward. If you get back on skis they tend to wash out on hard surfaces.
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I'd suggest the K2 Public Enemy or Head Mojo 90 as an all mountain ski for you. Both are twintips and you should be able to find on in a shorter length for very little money. Just don't go too short as the twintip takes away running length so they ski shorter than a flat tailed ski.

Also, the Head Mad Trix Mogul is the same ski as the Mojo 90 and can be had very cheaply if you can find some.

Good luck and welcome back into the light!

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Just like you Duncan I'm looking to get back into skiing after a stint with the board. Any help would be much appreciated!
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