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Silverton Mt

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Traveled to Silverton Mt, CO last year and gotta say it is a hell of a mountain. No amenities but incredible skiing. Will say though that if you want to go make sure you are in excellent shape because even though there is one chairlift you still hike anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour off the top of the chair every run...Groups of 8 people in the guided season and my group got in 7 runs on both days...Everyrun we took down a new person from our group would quit and by the end of the day both days the guide, my pops, and I were the only ones remaining from our group who were still skiing. I felt bad for the people who paid the money to go but were so winded they could only ski 1 run
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What? No pics?
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Those who only skied one or two runs should be happy to know they now have guaranteed admission to the hall of shame.
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Do they set up groups for older guys or people who might not be itn the best of shape? A good day for me at Mad River Glen would be 8 runs, 9 would be unlikely. That's 16,000 vert, but the terrain is demanding.

The place sounds incredible, but I wonder if I could handle the fitness part. What happens if you bail for a break? Can you get back to your group after a rest? Are there groups that take more stops along the way?
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They have two different divisions of groups. In the morning you are splitt up into slow skiing/hiking groups and fast skiing/hiking groups but either way it is very demanding. It is possible to take a run off and meet your group at the bottom of the chair again and some people did do this. In the fast skiing groups we got about 20 thousand vert and the slow skiing/hiking groups supposedly get about 15,000 on average. The main problem people had was wind, the summit of the mountain is over 13000 feet and hiking at this elevation is not easy. If you were to go I would highly recommend spending a few days at elevation before attempting to go skiing. Being from Seattle I spent a few days of not too rigourous skiing at nearby Telluride to get a little bit acclimated before heading to Silverton and feel that it really helped in knowing what to expect
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I dunno. About six or seven years ago, on my second trip to Silverton, I skied with Aaron Brill all day long, and we got in maybe five or six runs in snorkel-deep powder. Here's a pic of me at Silverton in Feb, 2006 that is up on their website somewhere.
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I've never skied Silverton, but I've driven over the road to it and that's even itimidating!
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