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Transition Boot From Doberman 150

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I have been skiing/racing in a set of Doberman 150's for the last couple of years. I've really enjoyed the control and the support of the boot, but I'm starting to get tired of frozen feet. I put up with it while I was racing because for the control and you had to play through the pain. I put up with it when I was coaching because I could only afford one set of boots and I still wanted to ski.

Last year; however, I started back to ski for myself. Aside from having frozen feet the boots are getting increasingly difficult to get out of. I've dealt with difficult boots all through racing so it's not an issue of a little discomfort. At the end of the day I feel like I'm breaking my ankle getting out of these boots.

In any case I want to move on. I would however still like some level of performance out of a pair of boots. I would like something that is a bit warmer, and I guess I am going to need to sacrifice some control for this. Also although I didn't feel the flex of my old Dobermans inhibited my skiing I wouldn't mind a boot that is a bit softer that I can relax more while I'm skiing.

All this said I am worried about getting into a slipper. Though I would like the boot to be softer I have tried several shelf models and found them to be much much softer.

Does anyone have suggestions? I am 6ft, 180lbs, 25years old and skied FIS for a while (never qualified for Nor-am). I am skiing in the east (Tremblant area).

I was looking at the Nordica Blower because it claims a reasonably stiff flex (130) and a mid-narrow fit. That said I have read that the plastic on the Blowers is very temperature sensitive.

Any comments are appreciated.
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Blower would be the logical choice
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Any other suggestions? Would the Lange Banshee pro be a good alternative. How would they compare?
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Ask your bootfitter.
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I don't know of anyone in the area so I was looking for opinions in the "ask teh boot guys" forum.

Thanks for the comments.
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Lange and Nordica models in the same performance range would all be appropriate. There are however differences in fit. This would be hard to describe over the internet. I'd suggest you find a good good shop and try them on.

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1) find a good shop, someone should do work in the area..

2) again lange banschee (98mm), or look at full tilt. With the 8 or 9 flex tongue it is narrow, easy on/off, and also 98-97mm, or the nordica talked about
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Every company including Nordica makes a softer version of what you are skiing. It sounds as if you want to stay in a race boot, but not in a 150.

So go shopping. Every race boot will be available in a 120 or so and I imagine that is where you will end up.

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My thought, Dobie 130 Pro. a little softer and roomier? and get boot muffs!
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Thanks for the alternatives. I'll go try some on.
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