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Krypton Shell Fit

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Hoping for some feedback. Currently ski in 25.5 Rampage (funky sole is 5mm long, it appears- which from what I have read suggests 25.5 is really a 26)- shell fit of about 15-16 mm (tough to accurately gauge). Salesman ignored my suggestions of at least trying a 24.5 at the time of sale--(but in his defense I told him I had not skied in 10+ years and simply wanted something to ski with my beginner kids in) Skied a lot more than anticipated- forgot the pure joy of it all. Boot got a little sloppy last year after 25 days plus- particularly, it seems, in the warm weather (could just be coincidence- end of season). Heel stayed in place, forefoot got a little loose. Toes touch lightly standing, retreat when flexing.

Am 26.6+ mondo, 8.5-9 shoe. Looking for two things.

First, will be adding a second, stiffer boot-- love the flex feel but it is too soft. Looking at a Pro. Thinking a 25 might do the trick (same shell, but different liner may help sloppy feeling in forefoot), but feel a 24.5 shell might be the best. Simple math suggests that if I move 10 mm down, I will have a 5-6mm shell fit-- which is probably more than I really want to suffer through as an average joe.

Second, want to keep the Rampages for trolling around with the kids-- and am looking for simple boot mods to tighten up the forefoot. I tried odor eater inserts under shell, worked some- maybe just need two. Also put in a small cardboard shim in toe attached to liner. You may laugh at these fixes, but I think they helped some, but assume there may be a better more knowledgeable fix-- even though, from what I read here, a boot that is too big is too big with the only real fix going smaller.

Other problem- if I move to a 24.5 Pro shell-- I assume I won't be able to use my only (hopefully not for long- am shopping for skis too) skis with both boots.

Answer- buy new boots and new skis....use Rampage and old skis with kids, new boots and new skis without kids????

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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is the forefoot movement vertical (up/down) or horizontal (side to side)

sounds like a narrower 25 is the answer? (full tilt opens up and skis similar to kryptons)
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Good question. I will have to check to confirm. I think it was more side to side- I do recall what seemed like a delay from leg/knee drive to ski turn (beyond soft boot) - but not sure if that was from horizontal or vertical room. Could be poor technique too, as I am new to the new school of two footed carving as opposed to skidding primarily on the downhill ski (but am making progress- when I get it right it is quite a feeling). I should note: (1) I have not tried skiing with the arch supports that came with the boots-- as they seemd to oversnug the top of the instep area-- but your question makes me think I should try with those; (2) I am using the stock footbeds (against the advice of the shop that sold me the boots), as the footbeds we tried at time of sale seemed to oversnug the boot.
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get real footbeds, ski them, then look for a narrower boot.
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I know you really want us to tell you to buy new boots, nothing like new gear. But if you are genuine in trying to make your current boots work do as mntlion suggests get some professional assistance. If you are a DYIer, you can go to the Tognar website and buy a few boot tuning aids, including bontex foot bed shims, that unlike your cardboard fix, will not compress or melt with moisture, and may be just what you need to snug that boot.
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I will go back the the shop and see what we can do. While I would of course love an excuse for new boots, I want to make these work as I enjoy them when skiing with the kids. I just don't want to spend $100 bucks on foot beds only to have that not work. I am sure the shop will shim them and do a lot for only the cost of materials, as they are good about that.
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good footbeds are portable, it is money well spent for a decent footbed and they can be moved from boot to boot easily. Properly made they fit your foot, not the boot, so there should be no worries changing shell sizes down the road.
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Went to the Tognar sight- lots of cool stuff. I may try to become a DIY with the boots. I'll tinker with the boots, and also probably purchase some footbeds from my shop. I also found a lot of tuning/waxing stuff as I would like to get back into tuning my own skis (did for years as a teen).

Thanks for the link.

Next question, as I am planning on buying some new boots eventually for skiing sans kids- what other boots run a little narrow in the forefoot. The 98 mm in Rampage feels pretty good until you get up front. I am not married to the Krypton/Full tilt- and am willing to go medium stiff (not race stiff, but stiff enough to adequately carve the hardpack without hindering moguls-my true love). I'm a frontside guy (no parks and limited trees), which probably makes my adoration of the rampages odd- but I really liked them in the bumps, and in the spring when things softened up. They were not real ideal on the icy steep stuff but that could have been fit or soft flex- don't know.
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Get thee to a bootfitter. The DIY thing will only take you so far, and you'll have spent more $$$ that you can't get back.
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Trekchick- my head knows you are right... will do. Just dropped 30$ though (before I read your post and faced reality)... which I won't get back...I don't think I can do any damage with the products I purchased- so will tinker with that but NO MORE.

Any merit to the thought that maybe the Kryptons just don't work because they run a little long. Perhaps a 25 in another boot that does not have the extra 5 mm might work better (assuming a narrower forefoot too)-- would leave me with 10mm on the shell fit (as opposed to 5mm in the Krypton)... and am not arguing for new boots- as will most likely be purchasing anyway even if I keep the rampages for kiddie cruising/bump days and spring/soft snow. They are much fun to kind of float around on.
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if you want a 293mm (size 6 ) lange freeride 130 (98mm) used cheap PM me. I have skied the krypton, and the lange and the lange is a bit narrower

might even trade you for yours (based on condition's)
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