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Boot sole length

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This doesn't make sense:

I look at the boot sole length stamped on the outside heel of the boot. I measure the boot with a ruler or tape. I get a measurement about 5 mm less than the one stamped onto the boot heel. Tried this with two mondo point size 24. Between each other, they varied by about 5 mm, and each measured shorter than what was stamped on the side. Both snapped into my bindings just fine - seems about the same.

What gives?
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who knows....this one intrigued me so i just measured 9 boots all measured within a mm of what was written on the boot

check your tape measure
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Hi Guy's,

I have a Nordica boot sole measurering device that takes it's measurement from the top edge of the back of the heel lug to the front of the toe lug and every one of the boots I tested measured right on the marked boot sole length. If you look at most of the boots there is a slight angle to the back of the heel(it isn't vertical)--so if you measure from the bottom of the the heel lug you will get something shorter than the marked length.
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OK, rather than using a straight metric ruler, I used a flexible metric tape this time. I did get readings within a millimeter of the stamped sole length. When I carefully eyeball the top of the heel, it comes out exactly the same as the stamped size.

So - mystery obviated. Carry on.
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