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Ipods- Do you use them?

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Do you like to listen to some tunes on the slopes? If so what's your soundtrack?
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Of course, who doesn't. Depends on my mood but I usually have a mix of All, Big Drill Car, Husker Du, Dilated Peoples, Swollen Members, John Butler Trio and other.

If I am by myself I use both ear pieces. Its really irritating when someone trys to talk to me and I have to take them out.

If I am with others I roll one ear piece.
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Definitely. Audio helmets are the way to go...makes it easy to turn down the volume when you need to hear what's going on around you, and turn it back up when you're ripping through the glades. Bluetooth helmets are looking pretty sweet, too, with access to two-way radios, cell phones, and iPods, all without having to jam things in your ear, and all hands-free. Aren't there a ton of other threads about this?

In any case,
Calle 13
Basement Jaxx
Engine Down

Anything that's fun, upbeat, and catchy!
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Sirius Stiletto 2.

with Giro Tune-Ups Wireless kit on my G10.

Still using the wire tho, I had a bluetooth adapter for my old iPod nano, but havent found one for the Sirius yet...


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'I' doesn't.

It really irritates me when I talk to someone and they have to unplug.
In the Army we used to call them 'life support systems'

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Originally Posted by dwoof2 View Post
'I' doesn't.

It really irritates me when I talk to someone and they have to unplug.
In the Army we used to call them 'life support systems'

Do you mean it irritates you when a stranger has to unplug because you're talking to them or a friend?
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What's an IPOD?
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I play Nintendo while skiing too

I used to use AstralTunes a long time ago. I also had a BoneFone. Anybody remember those? Most annoying cause they had little speakers.

Now I like to hear the wind, chatter of skis, creak of hard snow, or fluff of soft snow, or the laughter of people way across the valley sounding like they are right next to you because of the way sound travels through thin air.

NOW, on the three hour drive up starting at 6am there's some jammin tunes (Punk, Classic Rock, New Wave, Progressive Stuff, i.e...Assorted Genres) played louder and louder the closer I get to the mountains.
This is followed by mellower road trip music on the 3 hour drive home (Floyd for example, but some upbeat stuff too keep me awake)

Not using an IPOD, but using a hard drive MP3 player and 10 CD changer in the truck sound system.
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I don't listen to music while skiing.

On the drive up i usually listen to the first half of cbc-3's countdown.
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I'd rather enjoy the sounds of nature and hear when someone tells me that passing on my left or right.

Oh yea, how often does that happen...
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No Ipod for me, I saved myself a hundred bucks and bought a Sansa. All flash, so no platters to crash. Battery is user replaceable and relatively cheap. I can transfer music on to it as a mass storage device (ie no additional software) on both my Windows and Linux machines. It is lacking a few things though, mainly a large selection of accessories. Oh and marketing hype. Oh well can't win them all I guess.

Plug that sucker into my Giro tune ups kit, gotten to the point that I can slam the mute on/off button with my shoulder. Running mainly punk, some other rock, reggae and a lil non bling hip hop. All depends on the mood. If its crappy conditions, I just want to haul ass day some Pennywise will work. If its a surreal, big wet fat flake powder day, maybe something a bit dreamier, maybe the Cure's wish album. Ass ramingly cold nights on bulletproof hardpack, it's time for some Snapcase. In the trees after a dump, The Weakerthans. It's always time for The Clash.

I always keep it low enough that I can hear the ice, the snow, the lifts, the wind, etc... skiing just wouldn't be the same without the ambient noise. The music is certainly secondary.
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Oh, yeah (when I'm skiing for myself)

On days with knee-deep+, I like ska or dub...something laid back with a nice rhythm. "Ghost Town" by The Specials is an awesome song for pow pow.

For crazier days on the mountain, I just download the latest podcast from DJ Tiesto ("Tiesto's Club Life" on Radio 538) or Above & Beyond or something like that.

If I'm skinning with my old pinhead hippie friends, we all play the same Dead show and go for it. Just something we do.
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I'm into ambient sound.
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I use it when I'm climbing easy slopes in the backcountry otherwise I like to hear what going on around me
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I'm another "natural sounds" person. I think I'd feel a bit less safe with plugs in my ears (I like good sound and probably would be annoyed by anything other than in-ear monitors to avoid the wind noise). I think it would detract from my feeling of connection with the mountain. And, I guess I also turn off the tunes when I'm driving aggressively (especially on the race track)...I think I concentrate better w/o the music. Maybe that says something about my attitude on the slopes as well.

Still, I'm curious about the whole listening-to-music-while-skiing thing. I listen to music a lot, but have never even been able to understand wanting to do it while skiing. I'm not trying to say anything bad about people who do, I just don't get it. Of course, it's always hard to explain things like this to someone who doesn't get it, but I do have a question for the music listeners...

What happens if/when you don't have the tunes on while skiing. Do you get bored? Do you feel like you're missing something? Is it just a matter of it being a little better with the tunes as company?
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It is like having your own "theme song" I don't like earbuds, they block out too much sound, but the Giro tune ups allow me to listen to people, ambient sounds and still the music. Best of all worlds.
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i dont use an ipod or anything else when i ski. i love the sounds of nature and the silence you feel in high altitudes.

id like to be able to hear other skiers, and id want to hear the thud if one of my buddies skied into a tree. if i was jammin to weakapaug groove, id just ski right on down and leave 'em there...

the onlything i need on the lift is a battie, a dugout, and good conversation with strangers.
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NOPE!!!!!!!! I enjoy the sound my skis make on the snow. I listen for errant skiers and boarders coming my way. Don't need no electronics on the slopes. Well once I did bring my big screen 40" along for the ride but reception was tough in the trees.
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Tryed it. Skiing bymyself a lot,I thought I would really like it. Not so much. Does something to my concentration that I didn't care for. But it was nice on the lift, if I was riding one solo. But most of the time I yuck it up with a stranger at least a little. So now I don't bother with it, and don't miss it.
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No, I don't listen to music while skiing.
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Heck yeah I listen to my ipod. I actually listen to my shuffle more than anything because it won't die in 3 hours. People who wear ear buds are unsafe. I wear skull candy icons or gi's when I ride. I also have an audio helmet. The ear buds block out all surrounding sounds, which most of the time isn't a problem for me but for people who are getting passed it very well could be. I won't leave home without it if I know I am going to be in the park...
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Not while I ski. I feel like it'd make me less aware of what's going on around me, and I need every bit of awareness I can get
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Standard answer: yup, I dig the jams on the slopes but I need the Tune-Ups so I can still hear ambient sounds and a mute button so I can shut it down if needed.

Here's a peek at my play list
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Definately while riding the lifts.
Not so much when I'm coming down though. Unless the trails are fairly empty that is. I'm too concerned with the possibility of someone taking me out because I didn't hear them.
I use ultimate ears iem's. But I'm thinking about adding the Boeri version of tune-ups to my helmet. That way I don't have to concern myself with taking them in and out of my ears, and the possibility of being able to hear outside sounds when the music is at low volumes.
With nearly 80 gigs of music in my ipod I have something for any mood.

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Do you like to listen to some tunes on the slopes? If so what's your soundtrack?
I have never listened to music while skiing and don't plan on it. There is something about hiking up to a line and taking the scenery of the mountains that I just can't imagine tainting with music. I love every sight and sound of the mountains. I would never plug in for something different. I also love to talk to people and have conversations on the lift. It is really annoying when you ask someone a question and it takes them 10 seconds to respond because their unplugging. But.... like everything its what floats your boat.
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Originally Posted by big ace View Post
Do you like to listen to some tunes on the slopes?
Of course.

Originally Posted by big ace View Post
If so what's your soundtrack?
Depends on snow conditions. But usually, Tool, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, U2, The Cure, The Doors,
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Always when skiing alone. Sometimes when skiing with friends. Use the Giro Tune Ups. It's usually down low so I don't miss ambient noise and can still carry on a conversation on the lifts. Helps me focus like when you have the music on low while reading a book. Otherwise my mind tends to wander.

I end up listening to whatever play list it's on all day because I can't see the font without my cheaters on.
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Originally Posted by UtahPowderPig View Post
Depends on snow conditions. But usually, Tool, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, U2, The Cure, The Doors,
I'm a Tool fan as well. I only listen to my iPod when running, working out (in the gym), and when flying. I listen to satellite LUCY at home.

Is anyone a Snow Patrol fan?

Shut your eyes and think of somewhere...
Somewhere cold & caked in snow.
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Absolutely! More of a playlist in lieu of bands. There are certain songs that instantly make me think of the slopes. Many from Tool, Godsmack, Sether, Foo Fighters, P. of Mudd, Everclear, Offspring, Gimme Shelter and Sympathy for the Devil from the Stones...Geez the snow can't get here soon enough!
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On a week day when skiing without my usual group of friends then most definitely. With my friends on the weekends, well maybe. I just got a new helmet with the speakers built in so I will have to see how that works out.
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