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Ski Video Recorder....

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I'm thinking about buying a Kodak MC3 thing-a-maging for taking some ski video and pics. It's small and cheap. Anyone have any experiences? It has video, pic mode and mp3 mode.http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2....PROD_ID=54618#

Well...sorta cheap...

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Get ready to buy a pile of memory cards if you really want to take video of anything while skiing.
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You can get 4 minutes of high res and 20 minutes of low res video on the 64 meg. card. That's not to bad- then you can upload to the computer to free space. I mean, not bad for clips anyway. Defiantly somthing to think about. To bad 256 meg cards were not standard and cheap.
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I've got that one. It barely works indoors unless its very bright and the lighting is from flourescent lights - then its just a bit yellow. Outdoors its fine in sun and overcast, though I haven't tried it on snow.

Heres a video (900kb-ish) of me whiping out at the local trampoline club. Flourescent lighting indoors, so its a bit yellowish. Right click on it, choose save-as, and watch if off your hard drive.


Outdoors the colour is fine. Photos are only 640x480 and blurry if you print them out full-page.

My 64 meg card holds about 5 minutes of video, or 10 if you don't mind a lower framerate (15, the video above is 30). You can preview and delete videos on the fly, so its not too bad if you are only recording 10-60 second bits at a time. No flash, no zoom. Very easy to use.

If you are on a budget, go for it. Most other digital cameras don't record sound and are limited to 30 second clips. Digital video cameras cost a lot more.

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Sweet. thx for the video! Bought it! 102$ including shipping at Overstock.com w/ 64 meg card. Is that High or Low red video by the way?
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