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Lost manual

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I recently bought a pair of left over Tecnica Magnesium Diablos, and in less than a month I managed to misplace the owners booklet and the packet of accessories that came with them.
I emailed Tecnica USA, and they said "We are sold out of that model and no longer have any."
I was wondering if any of the bootfitters here on the forum had a copy of the manual that they could spare? A pdf file that could be emailed would be excellent, even a photocopy that could be mailed would be extremely helpful.
If anyone does, please pm me.
Thanks for the help.

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what do you want to know?

that might be easier for most of us..
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
what do you want to know?
Nothing inparticular.
But in the same respect, as one of the "techno weenines" I want to know it all.
If I have a minor issue, I typically make an adjustment to my gear if I can. After skiing it I then determine if the adjustment was worthwhile, or whether I need to return it to the way that it was and try something else.
I'd rather not have to visit my bootfitter for a minor adjustment if it's something that I can handle.
Especially as he is 4+ hours away.
Thanks again,
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Dual Pivot cuff.

moves the upper cuff side to side to accommodate the angle of your leg (bow legged, or knocked kneed)

Two-position flex adjuster.

makes the boot softer or stiffer: see what you like.

Three-position spoiler

changes the position of the lower leg. The foot is still at the same angle (ramp angle) just reduces the amount of useable ankle range of motion.

um. not sure what else...
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Reply to Lost manual (ctskierguy), Tecnica Diablo Magnesium

Registered just to answer this and it won't let me email, send a message or reply until 5 posts are made, so hopefully you see this.

Print off all info asap before something odd happens and the old information is removed.

Lost manual


Is all the information you need on your diablo magnesium ski boot model. You can go print all the info from the links on the avaiable adjustments and how to make them. I happened to contact TEcnica via email from there tecnicausa.com site today to ask where to purchase yellow flex inserts to stiffen up a different model, also no longer carried, and the rep is mailing them, so if you know of some part you need, you maybe could email again and ask where it could be purchased. My answer came with in an hour and the answer was the part was in the mail. If you purchased from a ski shop, or even an online ski shop and have a receipt they would likely have been sold with the one year warranty, so that's another avenue. From reading the stats though, i believe all adjustments can be made with a standard allen key or screw driver and you won't need anything but the guide.
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Once again Iwould like to thank everyone who has helped me out on this.
What a nice group of people here.

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