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Carbon Fiber Skis - Any Good - Any Experience

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Took a look at the Goode carbon fiber ski website at goode.com - seems these are very light (half the weight of conventional skis) and strong (caron fiber has more torsional strength than wood or fiberglass), but has anyone tried them. For agressive skiing, I feel that the slightly heavier weight skis (Volkl, Kastle, etc) are more stable - right?? Any experience with these carbon fiber skis? Is this the future for skis? Appreciate any feedback
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I deleted the other thread, no need for two, we can keep the info in one area.

Reviews have been mixed, people either love them or hate them. I have skied every incarnation of them and really have tried to like them, but just not my cup of tea. The have tenacious edge grip, are hyper light but, to me, they feel like a fake ski. They feel like a digital ski vs, the warm feel of wood which is more an analog feel.

Talk to other people, you will get a completely different response. Try them and judge for yourself.
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FootLoose Sports in Mammoth had them last year for demo. I never skied them, but I think you might be able to get a review on their website as they post alot of ski reviews from their staff on what they carry.
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I will 2nd Philpug's assessment. Having only skied them a few times I had the same impression. For such a light ski, they hold on ice as well as anything I've been on. I've been on 3 different models, a short narrow one, maybe a 64mm waist was really fun on rock hard snow. On a longer 67mm waist in a GS course they seemed to throw me on my tails, could've been driver error, but I just couldn't find the sweet spot. The first time I skied them was on a very deep day on an 88mm waist, they seemed to not want to resurface & got stuck on the bottom, might have been the conditions. I have friends who own them, ski great, & love them. I think they would be great for a light touring set-up.
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hated them: skied 3 different ones, over many year

great for touring (on the way up) but so light that snowflakes would deflect them off course.
skis need some mass to get thru terrain. thats the feel of a volkl or volant is magic in crud snow
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Need to differentiate maybe between Goode, which gets mixed reviews at best, and DPS, which gets strong reviews. Latter has wood core, so maybe cheating, but is still lighter than traditional backcountry skis that use fiberglass.
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When I got my chance to try some Goode skis I was extremely pumped. I water ski also, and really like the Goode water skis. I like a little more weight to my skis than what the Goode's provided on the snow. I would like to try some again though now that I'm a little better.
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I sold Goode skis for several years. Great in powder, uncomfortable on hard pack and quality control left a lot to be desired.

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