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Winter Park - Lift tickets/skiing lessons/equipment rentals

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I am new to skiing and this forum so apologies if this post should be somewhere else.

I am travelling to WP this Xmas and will be needing to rent some skis etc and also a lift ticket and lessons.

I have looked on the skiwinterpark site but I wondered if there were other options. I have no knowledge whatsoever about any of the above.

Is there generally one ski school? How do I go about getting a lesson booked?

If I book lessons, will I still need a full lift ticket for those days?

What is the best equipment to hire for beginners?

Any help is most appreciated!
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No need to apologize, you found the right spot. It can be rather confusing.

Unlike Europe, US ski resorts usually have an exclusive license as to who teaches at their resort. At Winter Park we have one Ski & Ride School.
Here's the main SS website. http://www.skiwinterpark.com/rentals...sons/index.htm

You can take group lessons, smaller learn to ski lessons, or privates. They can be bought in many combinations. Only Private lessons don't include rentals at all or lift tickets(ask your Privates instructor about getting a ticket at a special rate). All other packages can be bought with a combination of lesson/lift ticket/rentals. The lift tickets for Easy Start lessons only work for the Gemini & the Discovery lift. The lift tickets for the other lesson programs are not restricted to specific lifts and are good for the rest of the day.

Have you skied before? Are you just learning to ski? If you have never skied before, I would recommend taking the Salomon Learn to Ski package. These include lesson, ticket, rental, and the class size is limited to 6 people. All lessons can be booked online using the booking feature in the upper right hand corner of the SS webpage. If you book 7 days in advance, they will give you a 10% discounted rate.

If you have more ski related questions at Winter Park.... Unless,....... I could interest you in some snowboard lessons at Winter Park. I ski too but, only certified to teach snowboarding.

You can call 1-800-729-7907 to book and get any questions answered.

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Thank you so much for the info!

We have never been skiing before so this is a new experience for us!

Actually, We had thought about 1/2 ski 1/2 snowboarding for the 9 days we are there. How do the packages work for that?

Is there an all in 1 price for say. 3 1/2 day lessons, equipment and lift passes?

Oh - and what generally happens on Xmas day are the slopes open/busy etc

Muchos gracias!!!
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De nada.

You may want to dial the 800 number to get all the details. I just called the Ski School desk to confirm some of the lift ticket details. I hate telling people the wrong thing.

If you have never been skiing or snowboarding before, I highly recommend taking the Salomon Learn to Ski and the Burton Learn to Ride lessons for the first day. The equipment is optimized for learners and the classes are guaranteed to have no more than 6 people per class. This allows more individualized instruction and time per guest. The classes around holidays can really get packed esp. wlth the Easy Start lessons. In addition, all LTS and LTR lessons are taught by Certified Instructors.

I'm not sure of all the package details. I'm sure something can be worked out. I've noticed people buying lessons/rentals/tickets in 3 packs before. It sure saves you from waiting in line too.

The Xmas holiday time is very busy but, the actual day is generally uncrowded. The Front Rangers are at home, and vacationing families are opening presents and having a holiday breakfast. You will see Santa Claus snowboarding around the mountain and giving away candy.
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I've been having a look about for lift passes too, and thanks to the good people on here i've got a couple of links:



The first one might allow you to buy discounted tickets if need be, although i'm not sure if it will cover the xmas period or not...

And the 2nd one is non-specific, but if you click on the 'offers' and scroll to the bottom, there are a few for Winter Park.

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Yes, the four packs are blacked out over Xmas. Be sure to buy any needed packs before the expiration deadline too. They are expiring soon if they haven't already.
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Take Daysailer1's tip about the learn to ski or learn to ride lessons if they really restrict the number of students in the group to 6.

To get a group lesson with only 6 per instructor over the Xmas holidays is really good.
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Yes, they are restricted. Complain loudly to a supervisor if someone tries to add more. I've been on LTR class splits because seven people signed up. Look for someone wearing a radio if you need help.

Burton and Salomon agreements are strict on the number of guests per class. Guests pay a premium for this experience and they should receive it.
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Originally Posted by daysailer1 View Post
You will see Santa Claus snowboarding around the mountain and giving away candy.

Really?? Cool!

I'm guessing the advice would be to book some lessons soon then?

Cheers for the help!
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Sooner is always better than later. They try to schedule/assign LTR classes ahead of time for us instructors. You will get a discounted lesson too.

I don't have my work schedule confirmed yet but I did sign up for Dec. 26, 27, 28, 29th. I'm still turning in a steady stream of paperwork myself.

I hope you have any enjoyable holiday with us!
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